Incoming! An R-rated teen comedy movie is coming to Netflix in August 2024

The R-rated teen comedy movie promises a mix of humor and realistic teenage experiences.
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A much-awaited R-rated teenage comedy called Incoming, which will debut worldwide on Aug. 23, 2024, has been announced by Netflix. With Bobby Cannavale and Kaitlin Olson leading the way, this movie, which was directed by the gifted Dave and John Chernin, promises a mix of humor and realistic teenage experiences that should appeal to a wide range of viewers.

Incoming is kind of like American Pie

Four freshmen in high school are followed in Incoming as they attend their very first actual party. A comparable blend of wild humor and poignant moments has been suggested by the film's comparisons to classic teen comedies like American Pie and Good Boys. The plot delves into the turmoil and thrills of puberty, especially the first high school party, which is a rite of passage. This major event is often a mix of excitement, fear, and humor, which makes it a great place for comedy.

Leading this endeavor are the Chernin brothers, who gained notoriety for themselves with the highly regarded Fox series The Mick. Their background in crafting witty, character-driven comedy should come through in Incoming, offering a novel and genuine take on the high school experience. Incoming will surely benefit from the Chernins' reputation for skillfully fusing humor with more serious subjects.

The cast will make you laugh

Bobby Cannavale and Kaitlin Olson are the lead actors, and they bring a lot of comedy to the movie. With his reputation for adapting to both comedy as well as drama, Cannavale should provide a special depth to his part. Prominent for her work on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Olson promises an entertaining performance with her sharp wit and comic timing.

A gifted ensemble cast featuring Mason Thames, Ramon Reed, and Loren Gray also appear in the movie. Thames, whose performances have been getting a lot of focus, is about to give an appearance that will make him popular. To complete the cast, two young stars with expanding fan bases, Reed and Gray, guarantee a vibrant and interesting ensemble.

Here's the full cast of the movie:

  • Bobby Cannavale
  • Kaitlin Olson
  • Scott MacArthur
  • Raphael Alejandro
  • Mason Thames
  • Isabella Ferreira
  • Ramon Reed
  • Ali Gallo
  • Bradia Seiri
  • Loren Gray

Incoming is being produced by industry titans Todd Garner and Nicholas Stoller. With credits on popular films like Neighbors and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Stoller offers a plethora of comedy filmmaking expertise. Garner, who has worked on movies like Tag and Knight and Day, knows how to make movies that are fun and exciting.

Between July and October 2022, filming for Incoming took place in Los Angeles, a city that is famous for its entertainment industry. There should be an additional degree of authenticity and visual appeal to the movie from the colorful and varied backdrop of Los Angeles.

Incoming promises to offer an unusual take to the teen comedy genre as it gets ready for its worldwide Netflix premiere. With its gifted ensemble, seasoned filmmakers, and compelling plot, Incoming is going to be a significant release in 2024. The movie is much anticipated by both critics and fans, who hope for a nostalgic trip back to the chaotic but exciting high school years.

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