If you like The Bequeathed you should watch this terrifyingly twisted Korean film also on Netflix

The 2016 horror film The Wailing shares a lot of similarities with The Bequeathed and is also on Netflix.
The Bequeathed Park Hee-soon as Choi sung-jun in The Bequeathed Cr. Jeong Se Hyeon/Netflix © 2024
The Bequeathed Park Hee-soon as Choi sung-jun in The Bequeathed Cr. Jeong Se Hyeon/Netflix © 2024 /

A suspenseful Korean drama centering on a strange tale and an even stranger family is new to Netflix and viewers might be reminded of another Korean story with similar themes. The Bequeathed, which is based on a webtoon series, released on Netflix on January 19 and the six-episode mystery is sure to be riveting to those who like following these short and binge-worthy mysteries.

But while checking out the series, I couldn't help but compare it to the 2016 movie The Wailing, a horror film that deals with a significant and complicated plotline related to a stranger's arrival in town and the subsequent onslaught of mysterious killings.

The Wailing deals with the occult and its supernatural influences more outright than The Bequeathed, which hints at more so than delving into full-on horror, but if you like the miniseries I strongly suggest watching The Wailing. It's an acclaimed horror film for a good reason and even though it has quite a long runtime over over two hours, it's well worth the watch.

The Wailing is a haunting film that will stick with you

In The Bequeathed, a woman receives a phone call informing her that her unknown uncle has died and he leaves her his land, a burial ground, as inheritance. The woman, Seo-ha, soon finds herself in the center of a twisted web that has many people competing for the same plot of land and more than a few deaths.

As things become more dangerous, we find out that some members of her family have connections to shamanism and perhaps even a shamanistic cult. The Wailing also has a shaman at its center as a very memorable and important character to the plot.

The Bequeathed is a decent watch, but somewhat forgettable, whereas The Wailing is a riveting and atmospheric film with a genuinely engaging and complex storyline that keeps you hooked from start to finish. I highly recommend the movie, especially if you have never seen it before because I think many will find it to be a rather underrated film that they might have missed out on.

The good thing is that The Wailing is currently streaming on Netflix, too, and you can watch it here right here!

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