Here's why Andy (Eugene Cordero) could've left Tacoma FD after season 3

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All four seasons of Tacoma FD were released on Netflix in late December 2023, and people are quickly making their way through them. For the people who've made it to the fourth season, I'm sure you have some questions. One question in particular probably involves one of the cast members. We're talking about Eugene Cordero who played Andy Myawani in the series.

Tacoma FD is a comedy sitcom that originally aired on TruTV. Four seasons have come out so far with the latest season last airing in October 2023. Unfortunately, a fifth season hasn't been commissioned yet, so it's unclear if we'll see the show return. But the good news is that we Netflix Lifers can finally set our eyes on the series since Netflix has acquired the streaming rights to the first four seasons.

The show is set in a firehouse in one of the rainiest cities in America, Tacoma, and follows a group of firefighters who rarely have the task of putting out fires so instead they keep themselves busy by playing petty pranks, participating in competitions, and getting into all kinds of mischief.

Eugene Cordero was one of the main cast members from seasons 1 to 3 and portrayed one of the firefighters named Andy Myawani. Sadly, he does not appear at all in the latest season Tacoma FD season 4. Why is that? We shared everything we know about Eugene Cordero's departure from the series below.

Eugene Cordero
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Eugene Cordero is believed to have left Tacoma FD because of scheduling conflicts

While Eugene's real reason for exiting Tacoma FD has not been revealed, it's been speculated that his departure had something to do with his involvement with another TV show. That TV show is Loki.

In Loki season 1, Eugene had a recurring role playing the character Casey, but in season 2 he was bumped up to a series regular, appearing in all six episodes that season. His new series regular status in Loki season 2 is believed to have been the cause of why he wasn't in Tacoma FD season 4. It's been speculated that he was filming Loki season 2 at the same time that production for Tacoma FD season 4 was going on. Apparently, Eugene was unable to shoot both shows at the same time and basically chose his role in Loki over his role as Andy in Tacoma FD. This isn't a surprise at all.

Could Eugene come back in a potential future season of Tacoma FD? It's possible. But as we mentioned earlier, a Tacoma FD season 5 hasn't even been confirmed yet so there's that.

How did Tacoma FD explain Andy's absence?

In the Tacoma FD season 4 premiere, titled "Pirate World FD," Terry, Granny, Ike, and Lucy sit around a table discussing going back to work at Station 24 now that it's been rebuilt after the fire. Granny asks Ike if Andy will be joining the rest of them at Station 24 and Ike tells him that he won't be because he's working full-time in the showroom of his uncle's carpet company. He even mentions that Andy's new job is "pretty low-key." I don't know about you, but it seems like the show was trying to allude to Eugene's role in Loki. I mean, it is a comedy sitcom, and these types of shows are known for hinting at other things.

Tacoma FD seasons 1-4 are streaming now on Netflix.

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