Here's where you can watch Them: The Scare since it isn't streaming on Netflix

Luke James (Edmund) - Courtesy Prime Video
Luke James (Edmund) - Courtesy Prime Video /

Horror fans rejoice! The black horror anthology series Them is back with its second season titled Them: The Scare, and you're going to want to see this brand-new installment. Below, we shared everything there is to know about the new season, including where you can watch it.

So, here's the problem. Unfortunately, Them: The Scare is not available to stream on Netflix and that's because it's an original series on a rival streaming service. That streaming platform is Amazon Prime Video. If you watched the first season of Them, you'd already know that this is where the show streams. So, you'll have to make your way over there to watch the second season.

But wait! Don't go thinking that the streamer will let you watch Them: The Scare for free. You'll need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime Video in order to be granted access. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial to new members, but if you've already used it, you'll have to sign up for an actual plan. The plans are Prime Monthly ($14.99/mo. + taxes), Prime Annual ($139/yr. + taxes), Prime Access ($6.99/mo. + taxes), and Prime Student ($7.49/mo. + taxes or $69/yr. + taxes).

Luckily, it doesn't matter which plan you subscribe to because all of them will allow you to watch Them: The Scare. It's up to you.

THEM: The Scare - First Look
THEM: The Scare -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The second season of Them is set in the year 1991 in Los Angeles, California and sees the return of season 1 actress Deborah Ayorinde in a new role. She stars as Dawn Reeve, a LAPD Homicide Detective who is assigned the murder case of a foster home mother. A case that left many other detectives shaken up. Dawn is determined to put a stop to the killer, but as she gets closer to uncovering the truth, she finds her and her family's life in grave danger.

Joining Ayorinde in the cast this season are Pam Grier as Athena, Luke James as Edmund Gaines, Joshua J. Williams as Kelvin "Kel" Reeve, Jeremy Bobb as Detective Ronald McKinney, Wayne Knight as Lt. Schiff, Carlito Olivero as Joaquin Diaz, Charles Brice as Reggie Marks, and Iman Shumpert as Corey.

Take a look at the thrilling official trailer below for a sneak peek and to see the cast in action!

Now that you know where Them: The Scare is available to stream, be sure to check it out on Amazon Prime Video.

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