Heartbreak High season 2 ending: Does Amerie uncover Bird Psycho's identity?

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School's back in session and a new term has started at Hartley High in Heartbreak High season 2. Amerie is ready to leave all the drama that happened last term in the past and start fresh with her best friend Harper back by her side. But nothing is ever smooth sailing for Amerie. This term, she struggles with relationship troubles, running for school captain, and a mysterious stalker. Seriously, term 2 at Hartley High is more drama-filled than ever, and the drama only piles on as the season progresses. Heartbreak High season 2 is definitely another entertaining season of the teen series!

I mean, there was so much that occurred over the eight episodes, but it's the season finale that left us with our jaws dropped. Amerie finally finds out who has been stalking her and leaving her creepy messages. We see the rekindling of couples, and a new couple is formed. Lastly, a teacher is arrested, a beloved student leaves Hartley High, and a school fire breaks out.

So, how does the second season wrap up? No worries! We shared a breakdown of what happened at the end of season 2 right below.

Spoilers from Heartbreak High season 2 ahead!

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Does Amerie end up with anyone in Heartbreak High season 2?

No, she does not end up with anyone. This season, Amerie has two love interests: Malakai and Rowan. She starts the new term with a mindset of not wanting to get into a relationship with anyone and instead focuses on her friendship with Harper and protecting her. However, Harper tells her that she doesn't need any protection, and Amerie is then free to be with whoever she wants to be with. So, she starts hooking up with Malakai, her ex-boyfriend. Their fling doesn't last long, though, once new student Rowan enters the picture.

If you recall from the first season, Malakai comes to a realization that he might like men after sleeping with Dusty. He tries to bury these feelings, but once he befriends Rowan, they start rising to the surface again. He becomes conflicted about his feelings for Rowan and starts to push Amerie away, leaving Amerie confused about what she did to deserve such treatment. Malakai eventually breaks things off with Amerie and then pursues a relationship with Rowan. However, this relationship doesn't last long either. Rowan breaks things off with Malakai once he realizes that Malakai isn't fully into him.

But while Malakai struggles with the breakup, Rowan grows closer to Amerie as they work on her campaign video. They don't get together right away, though. Things don't start heating up between them until Darren, Ca$h, and Harper's housewarming party, where they have their first kiss. Malakai witnesses them kiss, and is obviously upset about it. He later confesses to Harper that he still loves Amerie, but Harper tells him to leave Amerie alone because she's finally happy. Meanwhile, Amerie is going through an abortion. She's pregnant with Malakai's baby, something that Malakai doesn't find out until later.

Feeling guilty about being pregnant with Malakai's baby, Amerie distances herself from Rowan. This is leaves Rowan angry and confused, but he and Amerie end up kissing and making up later and even attend the year 11 formal together. But it's at the formal when everything goes left. We're about to get into what happens at the formal, but just know that Amerie doesn't end up with Rowan or Malakai at the end of the season 2 finale.

Who is Bird Psycho?

Throughout the second season, Amerie and Quinni try to figure out who Bird Psycho is. The identity of Bird Psycho is actually revealed at the end of episode 5, but only to the viewers. The person ends up being Rowan. It's revealed to be him after he's shown writing "Forget Amerie" over and over again in his journal. These are the same words that were on one of the pieces of paper in the C.U.M.L.O.R.D.S. feelings pit.

Amerie and Quinni don't find out that Rowan is Bird Psycho until the season finale. Quinni finds out after she finds her missing phone in a drawer at Rowan's house and a "Forget Amerie" note in the trash can. Amerie finds out when Rowan traps her and Harper in a room at the year 11 formal at Hartley and plays a video for them. Meanwhile, the school is on fire.

The video shows that Amerie and Rowan knew each other when they were younger. When they were young kids, Amerie and Harper used to hang out at the skatepark. Rowan would hang out at the skatepark too, but he didn't have any friends. He had a crush on Amerie and would watch her from afar. One day, a baby bird falls from the sky and he and Amerie decide to care for it together. But unfortunately, the bird ends up dying, so they decide to have a funeral for it. Other kids begin to gather around them and laugh at them. Amerie was really embarrassed, so she betrayed Rowan by telling the other kids that the funeral idea was his. She then joins the other kids in laughing at him.

Rowan runs home and starts destroying his room. His younger brother then runs into the room and tries to stop him but is unable to do so. So, he runs across the street to go get their parents. But sadly, he gets hit by a car and passes away. That's how the video ends.

Rowan explains to Amerie that he did get help after his brother's passing and thought he was better. But once he got to Hartley and saw that Amerie hadn't changed, he became enraged all over again and wanted revenge. He had been blaming Amerie for his brother's death the entire time, even though it wasn't her fault. In the end, Rowan realizes Amerie isn't to blame, and neither is he for his brother's death. They then run out of the burning school building together. Quinni had already rescued Harper earlier. As everyone waits outside, Rowan apologizes to Amerie. Amerie then accepts his apology.

Here are some more things that happened in the season 2 finale that you should know:

  • Spider and Missy end up together after Spider shows that he's really changed.
  • Darren and Ca$h realize they love each other too much to let sex be an issue in their relationship, so they get back together.
  • Quinni asks Sasha if she'd want to be her vice president and Sasha tells her yes.
  • Harper and Ant finally get together.
  • Voss is arrested for setting Hartley High on fire.
  • Darren and Quinni finally make up.
  • Woodsy tells Jojo that she can teach her sex tutorials again.
  • Malakai cries on a plane headed for Switzerland. The note that he left Amerie is shown in her locker, burning away.

The last scene of the Heartbreak High season 2 finale shows Amerie asking Woodsy and Jojo what's going to happen next now the school has been destroyed. Woodsy replies by saying that she has no idea. Dun dun duuun! Fingers crossed, we get to see a Heartbreak High season 3 because this just can't be the end of Amerie's story.

We'll keep you posted on the show's renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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