Happy New Year! Watch these 5 movies on Netflix before they're gone

It's time to ring in the New Year with Netflix! Several movies are leaving Netflix in January, but these are a few you should check out ASAP before they're gone.
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone at the 89th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone at the 89th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage / Christopher Polk/GettyImages

Now that another month (and a whole new year!) is here that means it's time to take a look at the titles that will soon be departing Netflix. Each month, the streamer adds a bunch of licensed content on the first and then many other titles typically depart in the final days. This time around, some big movies like Uncharted, Get Out, Ma, and more are all leaving Netflix.

There's a lot of films on the way out, but we're highlighting a few that you should definitely watch before they're gone.

Get Out

  • Last day to watch on Netflix: Jan. 5

Watch the movie that really helped cement Jordan Peele as an iconic horror filmmaker. Get Out is the social horror film that has kickstarted a brand new trend in the genre. Starring Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams, the movie follows a young couple who have finally reached the "meet the parent" stage of dating. Chris is nervous enough to meet Rose's family, but it gets worse when they become overbearing in their attempts to accomodate him, as if overcompensating to ensure they know they're okay with the interracial relationship. Things only become increasingly horrifying from there.


  • Last day to watch on Netflix: Jan. 5

This Spike Lee movie loosely based on Ron Stallworth's memoir features an excellent cast of actors like John David Washington, Adam Driver, and Topher Grace. The story follows the first African-American detective (Washington) to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department and one of his first jobs is to expose the Ku Klux Klan, which he does with the assistance of his colleague (Driver).

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

  • Last day to watch on Netflix: Jan. 22

Barry Keoghan is on a hot streak right now thanks to his performance in the recent hit Saltburn, but some of his most impressive and chilling work to date was in the A24 film The Killing of a Sacred Deer, co-starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. Farrell plays an accomplished surgeon living an idyllic life in the suburbs with his wife and two children, while Keoghan is a troubled teen named Martin that slowly and insidiously insinuates himself into the doctor's life as his diabolical plan is slowly unveiled.

The Bling Ring

  • Last day to watch on Netflix: Jan. 31

If you're in the mood for more Sofia Coppola after watching her latest film Priscilla then you might want to check out The Bling Ring before it leaves Netflix at the end of January. The 2013 movie follows the infamous crew of teens who robbed a bunch of notable celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in the late 2000s. It's worth watching this film just for Emma Watson, who pulls off a great and campy performance as the group's ringleader.

La La Land

  • Last day to watch on Netflix: Jan. 31

After La La Land drummed up several Academy Awards in 2017, both its stars are currently in the running for the award show again, albeit for different films, Emma Stone for Poor Things and Ryan Gosling for Barbie, but now is as good a time as any to revisit this musical romance from Damien Chazelle.

More movies leaving Netflix in January:

  • Spy Kids - Jan. 12
  • Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams - Jan. 12
  • Spy Kids 3: Game Over - Jan. 12
  • The Doll - Jan. 14
  • The Doll 2 - Jan. 14
  • Uncharted - Jan. 14
  • Begin Again - Jan. 24
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi - Jan. 31
  • Baby Mama - Jan. 31
  • Call Me By Your Name - Jan. 31
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 - Jan. 31
  • Eat Pray Love - Jan. 31
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Jan. 31

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