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Sofia Vergara stars as Griselda Blanco in this Netflix miniseries now on Netflix.

Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 101 of Griselda. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 101 of Griselda. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 103 of Griselda. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Griselda episode 3 recap: "Mutiny"

The third episode opens with a time jump of three months. One of the guests who was at Griselda's event and offered to be one of her dealers is approached by one of Papo's men while leaving his tennis lesson. The dealer is named Danny. Papo's henchman beats up Danny as a message to Griselda. The show then cuts to Griselda arriving at a big house where she, her sons, Arturo, Dario,  and all the women from Medellín are now staying. The drug business seems to be going well for Griselda as she passes out gifts to the girls and her sons.  

She walks over to Arturo, who informs her that the Ochoas called. He tells Griselda that a man named Rafa Salazar wants to meet with her and her partner Panesso to talk about something important. Then, he tells her he thinks the meeting will be about buying them out. Griselda isn't too sure about letting this happen though. 

The episode cuts to Jensen and June questioning a witness about a recent shooting. According to the witness, Amilcar shot and killed someone as they were getting out of their car. June then asks the witness if he'd come back to the police department to look at photos to see if they can pin a suspect. Later, Griselda talks to Isa in the kitchen of their new house, and Isa reveals to Griselda that she's made her name for herself. She tells her that people in Medellín are calling her "The Godmother." Griselda brushes it off, but it's obvious that she likes the new nickname.  

Then, there's a cut to Griselda, Panesso, and Dario arriving in the Bahamas to meet with Rafa and his men. Rafa brings them to a warehouse filled with cocaine. We find out here who the Ochoas are. Rafa tells Griselda that the Ochoas are the biggest suppliers in Colombia and that they're looking to expand. Rafa is a business partner of the Ochoas, and he runs their new drug smuggling hub from the Bahamas. He even shows Griselda how they will go about transporting the drugs there. 

The show cuts to Jenson and June at the police station talking about the recent case involving Amilcar shooting and killing someone. June tells Jenson that the witness agreed to come into the police station to talk. She also mentions to him that they didn't get any fingerprints from the crime scene, which isn't good because they could've easily matched them up with Amilcar's fingerprints that they already have on file. But unfortunately for June, Jenson doesn't listen to her. 

Back in the Bahamas, Griselda, Panesso, and Dario walk up to Rafa's house and see Marta Ochoa, Rafa's girlfriend. As they sit down at a table, Rafa introduces them to a white man named Max Mermelstein. He tells them that Max's job will be overseeing the smuggling side of their operation.

In this conversation, we find out that the Ochoas' goal is to control the U.S. drug market. They want everything to remain in the family and don't want any competition from other dealers. Since Griselda has a successful drug trafficking operation going on in Miami, she's seen as a threat to the Ochoas. That's why she was invited to the Bahamas. The Ochoas want to buy her out by offering her 15 million dollars. But Griselda doesn't end up accepting the offer. This upsets her partner Panesso though. 

On the plane back to Miami, Griselda pacifies Panesso by telling him that he'll be getting 25% of what she makes going forward. Her next plan is to get all the drug dealers in Miami to meet with her. She believes that if they unite against the Ochoas, they won't be pushed out of the drug trafficking business. Initially, she is able to convince the dealers not to take Rafa's buyout, but once they learn that Amilcar will be taking the buyout, they change their minds. Now, Griselda has to figure out how to get Amilcar not to take the buyout. 

She asks Rivi, Amilcar's right-hand man, to take her to Amilcar so that she can try to convince him. On the car ride there, Rivi tells Griselda that Amilcar is under surveillance by the police because he's linked to a murder. It's the same murder that was mentioned earlier in the episode. Amilcar believes that if he takes the buyout, he'll have some sort of peace. Desperate to have Amilcar on her side, Griselda tells him that she'll kill the witness who saw the murder. That way, Amilcar will be cleared as a suspect, and he can reject Rafa's buyout offer. Griselda has Dario and Chucho do the dirty work. 

Back at the police station, June tells the captain that she'd like to step down from the homicide department because it's not a good fit for her. Although the captain hates to see June do this, he tells her he understands and accepts her request. Then, the episode cuts to Dario and Chucho at the witness's house. Just as they are about to kill the witness, a woman with a baby walks into the room. The witness has a wife and a child. This complicates the task. Dario then calls Griselda, asking her what he should do. Griselda tells him to still go through with the murder. Later, Dario calls Griselda to tell her that the job is done. 

The next morning, June arrives at the witness house to find the witness and his wife dead in the living room. Elsewhere in the house, their baby is found safe and alive in its crib. At Amilcar's place, Amilcar and Griselda have joined forces. He tells Griselda that it's best that he is seen as the person in charge in front of the dealers and Rafa because they're not going to listen to her. But behind the scenes, Griselda will be the one in charge. Although Griselda doesn't like this idea, she knows it's the only way for her plan to work. She and Amilcar meet up with Rafa at a restaurant, and a deal is made that works for all the dealers. 

As Griselda is headed to the restroom, she is stopped by Rivi. Rivi congratulates her on her new partnership with Amilcar and Rafa, and then tells her that once she's fed up with the partnership, she can reach out to him for help. Griselda gives him a curious glance before walking away. The next scene cuts to the police department. Jenson and the police captain enter June's office as she packs her things and tells her that the fingerprints from the crime scene match with Amilcar. June had gone against Jenson's back and had the lab get the fingerprints off the car. Now, they can officially arrest him. 

Back at Griselda's house, she and everyone else in the house get ready to go to The Mutiny later that night to celebrate the new deal. Then, the episode cuts back to the police station, where June meets a man named Diaz. He's a cop who covers important homicide narcotics cases. He convinces June to go with him to arrest Amilcar. 

As Rivi drives Amilcar around in Miami, June, Diaz, and other cops begin to surround them to get them to stop. Amilcar and Rivi eventually stop and get out of the car, but they immediately start shooting at the cops. Then, they both run off in different directions. June chases after Amilcar and eventually catches and arrests him. The episode cuts to later that night at The Mutiny. Griselda, her girls, and Arturo walk to the VIP area and see Panesso, Rafa, Papo, Max, and other dealers drinking together. 

Then, Panesso walks up to her and tells her that Amilcar has been arrested. Griselda tells him she can still try to convince them to let her be in charge, but Panesso tells her that Papo already got all of Amilcar's territories. This means that he's now in charge, and according to Panesso, he doesn't want to do business with Griselda. To make matters worse for Griselda, Panesso betrays her and tells her he's going with Papo and taking all her dealers with him. In one last-ditch effort, Griselda tries to convince Rafa to put her in charge, but Rafa rejects her request. 

The episode cuts to the police station where June, Diaz, and other cops celebrate Amilcar's arrest. Diaz pulls June to the side to talk to her about a new program he's in the process of putting together called CENTAC. He explains that it's a central tactical unit consisting of feds and local agents. After hearing Diaz out, June decides to join the program. The episode ends with Griselda outside her house smoking a cigarette. She puts it out and then stares off into the distance with a determined look on her face. 

Written by Crystal George