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Sofia Vergara stars as Griselda Blanco in this Netflix miniseries now on Netflix.
Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 101 of Griselda. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 101 of Griselda. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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Griselda. (L to R) Sofia Vergara as Griselda, Paulina Dávila as Isabel in episode 102 of Griselda. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Griselda episode 2 recap: "Rich White People"

The second episode opens with Fernando's crew member searching around Griselda and Alberto's home in Medellín for clues to where Griselda could've gone. This is the same crew member who drove Griselda to the bar where Alberto was in the flashback scene. We find out that his name is Dario. After looking around the house and not finding anything, Dario calls Fernando. Fernando tells Dario that Griselda is a former prostitute and that maybe her old job knows where she could've gone. These are the men that Arturo was referring to in episode 1 when he told Griselda that some people were looking for her. 

Elsewhere, at the Miami International Airport, Griselda waits for Arturo and a bunch of women to arrive from Medellín. One of the women is a close friend of Griselda's named Isa. They all load in Griselda's van and travel to a motel where they'll be staying. When they show up at the motel, Dixon, Uber, and Ozzy (Griselda's sons) are playing around in the motel's pool, which isn't filled with water.  

Griselda then has the women line up outside her motel room, with each one entering one by one as she calls them. We find out that this is a part of Griselda's plan to get the drugs that Amilcar requested. Each woman packed a bag of cocaine in their bra to bring over to Miami. We also learn that these women are sex workers. 

Elsewhere, Dade County police are asking a witness some questions about what happened at the restaurant where Eddie's murder took place. One of the cops is a woman whose name is unknown, and the other cop is a man named Jensen. After the questioning is over, the female cop tries to get more information out of the witness in private. We find out that the woman cop is actually an intelligence analyst. The witness tells her that there was a woman with Eddie the night of his murder, but she didn't look like his girlfriend. She told her that the woman looked like a boss. 

We cut to Griselda and Arturo at the motel, tallying up how much cocaine they've acquired and putting it in a suitcase. Arturo then informs Griselda that not only is Fernando looking for her but also Dario. A shocked Griselda then sits down on the motel bed. Back in Medellín, Dario shows up at Griselda's old job and is told by one of Griselda's old co-workers that Griselda and a bunch of other girls left Medellín to go to Miami. Now, he knows where to find her. 

Back in Miami, Griselda packs up the suitcase containing all of the drugs and has her pretend bodyguard turned gunman put it in the van. The gunman's name is Chucho. Griselda is about to take the suitcase to Amilcar, but she needs to talk with Carmen first. Griselda tries to convince Carmen to let her buy more plane tickets through her travel agency, but Carmen refuses to do so. 

At Amilcar's place, Griselda tells Amilcar that she has the drugs he asked for, but he refuses to buy them from her. He explains to Griselda how he told his supplier about her offering him drugs at a lower price, and that made the supplier renegotiate his prices. This is why he doesn't need her drugs anymore. We find out that Amilcar's supplier is named Papo. Feeling betrayed, Griselda curses at Amilcar and Papo before Arturo tries to pull her out of the room. But they're stopped by one of Amilcar's men. Amilcar walks up to Griselda and tells her he's going to tell every dealer in Miami not to buy her drugs as a punishment. Arturo and Griselda are then allowed to leave. 

We cut to the Dade County police department, where we finally learn the intelligence analyst's name. Her name is June. She looks over the evidence that was recovered at the restaurant where Eddie was murdered and notices a cigarette with lipstick on it. She takes it to the captain of the police department, hoping that it'll get him to listen to her opinions on the case, but he basically shoos her away. 

Back at the motel, the girls from Medellín are worried and wondering when they'll finally get paid for supplying Griselda with drugs. Isa informs them that Griselda will pay them soon, and then she goes to talk to her. The conversation ends with Isa convincing Griselda to go out for a night of partying. They arrive at a bar with elderly white people, where they decide to share some of their drugs. This is when Griselda comes up with an idea. 

She heads back to the motel and informs Arturo and Chucho of her plan. Her plan is to get more drugs from a drug dealer named Panesso so that they can share them with rich white people. She hopes that by giving them a taste of the drugs for free, they'll come back wanting more, and there goes her consumer base. The only issue is that Griselda has to fly in Panesso from Medellín and convince him to sell her more drugs. Although Panesso wants no part in Griselda's plan, he agrees to attend her event later that night. Elsewhere, at the Miami International Airport, Fernando and Dario finally arrive.

It's now late at night, and Griselda's event is happening on a yacht. The girls from Medellín are sharing drugs with the rich white guests, and Griselda starts to see a profit being made. She's also seeing some of the guests offer to be drug dealers for her. This way, Griselda will have an easier way to sell to more wealthy white people. But then a problem arises when Papo arrives at the event. Fortunately, Panesso steps in and announces that he's Griselda's partner and Papo backs off. 

After a successful event, Griselda sends the girls back to Medellín. Isa tells Griselda that they'll be back in two weeks with more drugs. Then, early the next day, Griselda calls Carmen on the phone and tells her about how successful her event was. She also explains to Carmen how beneficial it would be for her to team up with her. Carmen doesn't initially like the idea, but Griselda manages to convince her to sell her more plane tickets. 

Then, Griselda makes her way back to the motel only to find Fernando and Dario in her kids' room. Fernando reveals to Dixon, Uber, and Ozzy that Griselda killed Alberto. Then, he takes Griselda to the room next door to beat her up. Hearing his mother's screams, Uber runs over to the room, gets Griselda's gun out of the drawer, and aims it at Fernando. But before he can shoot him, Dario tackles him to the ground. Dario then shoots Fernando in the head, killing him. He walks out of the room afterward. 

Griselda follows Dario outside the room and asks him why he helped her. Dario responds by saying that he's never killed a kid. Griselda then asks him what he's going to do going forward, and he doesn't give her an answer. So, she tells him to help her clean up the motel room, and then they'll talk. The episode ends with Dario putting out his cigarette and then walking back into the motel room to do what Griselda said. 

Written by Crystal George