Griselda Blanco's son Michael Corleone pinpoints one specific moment from the show as "embarrassing"

Michael Corleone Blanco shares his thoughts on the first episode of Netflix's Griselda.
Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda, Alberto Ammann as Alberto Bravo in episode 101 of Griselda. Cr. Elizabeth Morris/Netflix © 2023
Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda, Alberto Ammann as Alberto Bravo in episode 101 of Griselda. Cr. Elizabeth Morris/Netflix © 2023 /

During a new podcast called The Real Griselda hosted by Cocaine Cowboys' filmmaker Billy Corben, Griselda Blanco's surviving son Michael Corleone Blanco visited to discuss the series, which he has checked out since its premiere. The first episode of the six-part podcast sees the two men discussing the first episode.

Corleone has been in the headlines quite a bit recently with the release of Netflix's new original drama series Griselda, which chronicles the rise and fall of his mother, the infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco, and her reign over the Miami drug trade.

Understandably, he has mixed feelings on the show and its depiction of his late mother, who died in 2012 after being assassinated by an unknown assailant outside of a butcher shop in Colombia. He even sued Netflix and star Sofia Vergara—who plays Griselda and serves as an executive producer on the show—in an attempt to stop the series' release.

Now that he's watched it, Corleone feels that the series did get some things right, such as humanizing Griselda and making it clear that her sons were an important part of her life, reports Business Insider.

"I liked that wherever my mother went, [her sons] went with her. So I liked the fact that they tried to humanize the character. That was nice. That's probably it."

In reality, Griselda was considered the "Cocaine Godmother" because she helped pioneer the cocaine industry as we know it. Corleone mentioned that she had already established a drug empire in New York in the 1960s before she ever moved to Miami. The show, which is only six episodes, skips over that in favor of getting straight to the Miami part of her story.

But beyond demonstrating Griselda's maternal side, her son expressed that the series was far from accurate, in particular, he called out the "embarrassing" subplot involving Griselda struggling to sell one kilo of coke, adding, "The lady was the No. 1 cocaine distributor in the world by 1975. She created the industry."

To the show's credit, it's clear that the writers wanted to craft a rags-to-riches story of sorts and they needed to make Griselda start the show as an underdog so they could get the audience to root for her as her character arc shapes her into the drug lord we know she eventually became. If they started out with Griselda at the top of her game, it would have become a different show altogether.

You can watch the podcast episode here to see more of what Corleone had to say about the show, which is streaming now on Netflix.

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