There's a Gilmore Girls reunion happening (thanks to the creator's new show)

Yanic Truesdale in GILMORE GIRLS. Cr: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix
Yanic Truesdale in GILMORE GIRLS. Cr: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix /

An upcoming new series will bring some of our Gilmore Girls favorites back together, but don't get your hopes up too high. A second season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hasn't been ordered on Netflix, and there are no other iterations coming out soon. However, the creator's next project will feature a very familiar face.

Yanic Truesdale, who played Lorelai's sardonic work frenemy Michel Gerard in Gilmore Girls, will recur in Amy Sherman-Palladino's upcoming Amazon Prime Video series Étoile. The ballet drama, created alongside Sherman-Palladino's husband Daniel Palladino, comes after the dynamic duo's Emmy Award-winning Amazon comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Étoile also stars a cast that so far includes Luke Kirby, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gideon Glick, Simon Callow, Lou de Laâge, and David Alvarez, though there's plenty of time for the Palladinos to get a couple more Stars Hollow alums on board for other roles. The series already has a two-season order from Amazon MGM Studios, and the first season will have eight episodes and take place in New York City and Paris.

Amy Sherman-Palladino reunites with Gilmore Girls stars often

Sherman-Palladino has a history of working with actors multiple times in different projects. In 2008, she created the short-lived sitcom The Return of Jezebel James with starred Scott Cohen a.k.a. Max Medina in a supporting role. ABC Family's 2012 dramedy Bunheads starred Sutton Foster, who later appeared in A Year in the Life, and Kelly Bishop, who we know and love as Emily Gilmore.

Bunheads also boasted appearances from other Gilmore Girls stars, such as Liza Weil (Paris), Gregg Henry (Mitchum Huntzberger), and Rose Abdoo (Gypsy). But it's nothing compared to the reunion she staged in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which featured appearances from Weil, Bishop, Emily Bergl (Francie), Chris Eigeman (Digger), and Milo Ventimiglia, who of course played Jess.

It's always exciting as a viewer when you're watching shows by a certain creator or showrunner and you see familiar faces popping up. That's what makes it all the more exciting that Yanic Truesdale will be the latest Gilmore Girls alum to appear in the Amy Sherman-Palladino cinematic universe. Most recently, Truesdale reunited on screen with his other on-screen work frenemy (and off-screen bestie) Melissa McCarthy in Netflix's God's Favorite Idiot.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for more Gilmore reunions in the future. Who wouldn't love to see the two main Gilmore girls in something created by Sherman-Palladino? Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel haven't appeared in the creator's other series, but it needs to happen sometime in the future, preferably together. Call it greedy, but fans of Lorelai and Rory need to see it!

All seven seasons and the revival miniseries of Gilmore Girls are available on Netflix.

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