Furies cast: Who stars in the French Netflix crime drama?

Furies takes us on a wild ride through the underworld of France and the crime that thrives there.

Furies season 1
Image Courtesy Netflix
Furies season 1 Image Courtesy Netflix /

Furies is an action-packed, brand-new Netflix show that tells the story of Lyna, a young woman whose life is forever changed when a mysterious assailant kills her loved one on her birthday.

Ridden with the need for revenge, she sets off to find who did this in the undergrounds of France. But amidst her journey, she comes across Fury, a powerful individual who also seeks to bring down those who wreak havoc on society. Together, they attempt to uncover who is behind the monstrosities at large. However, they'll find what has been exposed to the light might have been easier to leave hidden.

See all this and more in the official trailer for Furies below.

Now that you know what to expect, you may be wondering where you might have seen these faces before as well as learn who are the characters these talented actors play. If so, read on to learn all about the cast of Furies.

Furies cast and characters

Starring as our protagonist, Lyna, is none other than Lina El Arabi. You've seen Arabi in titles such as A Wedding (2017) as Zahira Kazim, Kaboul Kitchen (2017) as Pissenlit, Family Business (2019) as Aida Benkikir, and La damnée (2024) as Yara.

Alongside Arabi is Marina Foïs, who stars as Selma (a.k.a Fury). You can find Foïs in many TV shows and movies, including (but not limited to) A Stormy Summer Night (2015) as Maria and Manon, 20 Years (2017) as Monique. However, a fan favorite seems to be her 2011 title, Polisse, where she played the role of Iris.

In addition to Lina El Arabi and Marina Foïs, the cast of Furies includes:

  • Steve Tientcheu as Le Fixeur
  • Quentin Faure as Le Boueux
  • Jeremy Nadeau as Elie
  • Sandor Funtek as Orso
  • Eye Haidara as Keita
  • Fatima Adoum as Amythis
  • Alex Brendemühl as Parques
  • Anne Azoulay as Mama
  • Mathieu Kassovitz as Driss
  • Roman Suarez-Pazos as Fraco K
  • Nicky Naudé as Darius Guerrab

Be sure to stream Furies on Netflix to find see how all these actors bring this rollercoaster ride story to life.

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