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Here's where we think every episode of The Gentlemen season 1 ranks.
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1. "All Eventualities" (Episode 6)

"All Eventualities" is a fantastic episode and it's extremely well-written. In the aftermath of learning what happened with Jethro, Eddie finally starts to realize that Susie and Bobby Glass are never going to let him go.

It's obvious with how Susie is drawing out the whole money-laundering thing, claiming she wants another 15 million pounds washed before she considers leaving the Halstead estate. Frustrated with the slow process, Eddie turns to an outside source, the boxing promoter Henry Collins, who turns out to be a very threatening antagonist. Despite initially helping Eddie, Henry then causes serious problems for Susie and puts a wedge in their relationship.

The end of the episode is one of the tensest yet as Henry forces Susie into a corner, threatening her brother's life over the sale of her business. Susie stands her ground, but it ends badly for her and for her brother as Henry uses a ringer to put Jack into the hospital after a horrible injury.

This is such a good episode in part because you really never know what's going to happen next. All of the allegiances are shaken and some shift altogether, plus it really shows us a different side of Susie, who we haven't seen shaken until now.

Choosing the best episode out of this crop of fantastic installments was challenging, but I really feel like "All Eventualities" combines the show's strengths into some super-compelling hour.

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