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2. "Refined Aggression" (Episode 1)

It's not easy to make a compelling series premiere, especially when there's so many other streaming shows, services, and movies vying for our attention. You need a hook that's going to get people sucked into your show immediately and The Gentlemen pulls that off in spades with its opening hour.

Things start a little slow as we get into the exposition, but as soon as we meet the Horniman family and, especially when we get Eddie's first scene with Susie, it's hard to look away. Once Susie goes to smooth things over with Tommy and help arrange for Freddy's chicken-centered apology, it's even better and you start to get some of the show's signature comedic charm.

But it's really the ending that perfectly builds to an absurd crescendo that will have fans glued to their screens. The shock of Freddy exiting the bathroom and then shooting Tommy Dixon in the head really sets the stakes and makes it clear what kind of show this is going to be.

It's also a great way to make people hit the "next episode" button as most of us were eager to find out how Eddie and Freddy would get themselves out of this situation. Just overall, "Refined Aggression" is both the perfect exposition and it starts the show off on a high note.