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Here's where we think every episode of The Gentlemen season 1 ranks.
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3. "Tackle Tommy Woo Woo" (Episode 2)

"Tackle Tommy Woo Woo" expertly carries the momentum from the shocking end of episode 1 forward. This is a great episode because it really starts to flesh out the partnership between Susie and Eddie as the pair work together to dispose of Tommy Dixon's body and try to frame Jethro for his death so that Tommy's brother, The Gospel, doesn't kill them all.

It's also in the second episode that we first see just how far Susie is willing to go to protect her empire as she secretly has Jethro killed despite telling Eddie that she was going to let him go after putting him on the ship toward Australia. That moment will come back later in the season, but planting that small scene right at the end of the second episode reminds viewers that Geoff wasn't wrong to warn Eddie about the people he's getting into bed with in the premiere.

Another important aspect of this episode is further showing that Eddie is cool under pressure and even goes so far as to kill someone on his own when he has to return to Jethro's apartment to retrieve his passport and finds that one of The Gospel's men has already beaten him there. The second episode also introduces us to Stanley Johnston, who becomes an important part of the overall storyline.