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4. "Not Without Danger" (Episode 7)

Susie is left reeling in the aftermath of Henry Collins' devastating blow against Jack Glass and for the first time we get to see how she handles things when she doesn't have complete control. Susie demonstrates just how adept she really is in this business as she employs one of the Glass family's foot soldiers to help her assassinate everyone who works for Collins as she tries tracking him down.

It's not until her father calls her off that she backs down, and even then it's only temporarily. The penultimate episode of the season also expertly sets up the events of the finale by making it look like Eddie might have betrayed Susie, leading to her betraying him to The Gospel. Additionally, this episode reveals the truth about Gabrielle's identity and the fact she and Henry Collins have both been working for Stanley Johnston who has been sabotaging the Glass business all along so he can take it over.

This is a climactic episode from start to finish and really feels like one of the strongest hours in the season. The only part that ends up feeling a little weak is the storyline where Eddie and Freddy visit Tibsy to get the name of the other lords, but it does lead to an emotional confrontation between the brothers.