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5. "The Gospel According to Bobby Glass" (Episode 8)

The Gentlemen season 1 finale is great and it sets up an exciting second season, but I have to admit that as much as I enjoyed the episode, I did find it a little anti-climactic as compared to the previous two entries.

For starters, the penultimate episode had a shocking and dramatic ending with Susie selling out Eddie and Freddy to John "The Gospel" Dixon because she falsely believed Eddie had turned on her. But the whole thing is fixed within the first ten minutes of the finale. The Gospel has been built up as a very dangerous man, yet we never actually see him do anything all that crazy.

I thought his return in the finale would signify a big showdown. Part of the humor in the finale is the fact the showdown doesn't happen. Eddie gets his family prepped and once Susie realizes her mistake she sends help, but just when it seems like bullets are gonna fly, we find out Bobby Glass intervened and smoothed everything over with The Gospel.

After that, even the bidding war between the various drug dealers doesn't lead to much excitement since Susie and Eddie easily get all of their competition to turn on each other, allowing them to invest in the business alongside Bobby.

Again, I loved this episode, but as a finale I did feel like the stakes were rather low. It helps that the final scene of the season is one of the darkest as Eddie shoots and kills Henry Collins in cold blood and Bobby comes face-to-face with Stanley Johnston in prison. Both scenes tease much higher stakes to come.