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Here's where we think every episode of The Gentlemen season 1 ranks.

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6. "Where's My Weed At?" (Episode 3)

"Where's My Weed At?" is a controversial entry into this ranking as some fans disliked it and felt toward it the way I felt about "I've Hundreds of Cousins," but I really enjoyed this installment and it's what cemented my love of the show.

The third entry into season 1 is just downright hilarious and features one of the darkest moments of the entire season when Mercy Moreno brutally murders Tonibler right in front of Freddy. I think "Where's My Weed At?" is exemplary because it's one of the most darkly funny episodes of them all. I also enjoyed seeing Eddie, Freddy, and Tamsin working together to prepare for a grand theft auto.

Then there's the fact Eddie tries to rescue a guy and only makes matters worse, with the guy in question accidentally walking into the road and getting hit by a bus Final Destination-style just adds to the episode's overall level of glorious absurdity. For me, "Where's My Weed At?" gets the dark comedy just right, more so than "An Unsympathetic Gentlemen."

Another aspect of this episode I appreciated is its slow revelation that Eddie might be more equipped to handle the criminal underworld than he'd like to admit. Susie acknowledges this when chatting with Jack, revealing she appreciates how Eddie can effortlessly flit between his posh sensibilities while also not batting an eye when he has to handle a dead body.

This is further expressed when we see their differing reactions to Tonibler's grisly murder. Overall, it's a fun episode that perfectly balances the show's episodic format with character development.