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7. "An Unsympathetic Gentlemen" (Episode 4)

Otherwise known as the episode where Eddie almost goes into business with a Nazi. This is the fourth episode in the season and features Eddie trying to find a new home for Susie's marijuana farm so he can extricate his family from her business.

After learning that Max Bassington might have a problem maintaining his late father's estate, Eddie sees a potential business opportunity and sidles up to him. Max agrees to entertain the potential investment in exchange for Eddie taking care of a blackmailer. The eventual reveal is that Max lied to Eddie and claimed his father was being in blackmail, when in reality it was Max himself with the damning secret hidden inside his house.

With the help of journalist named Frank, Eddie and Susie learn that Max is a devoted fan of Adolf Hitler and has built an entire shrine to the dictator in a secret lair inside his house. It's one of the more absurd storylines of The Gentlemen and feels a little bit out of the left field. I felt like I was watching an episode of Amazon's The Hunters for a moment, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But overall, "An Unsympathetic Gentlemen" took viewers for a crazy ride. Eddie does walk away with a valuable lesson, though, make sure you know what type of person you're doing business with, i.e. open the envelope.

Another reasons I think this episode is one of the weaker in the bunch is, again, we have the sub-plot involving Lady Sabrina and Geoff here as they search for a potential solution to their Glass problem. Sabrina contacts the lord of her family's neighboring estate, Mr. Rokes. Mr. Rokes has fallen on hard times and is open to making money via the criminal enterprise. The episode's end makes it seem like Eddie and Sabrina will pursue this line of inquiry, but we never hear anything about Mr. Rokes again, making the entire sub-plot kind of useless.