Eric probably won't be back for another mystery in season 2 (here's why)

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Emmy Award-winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the new British psychological thriller series Eric, and it's one of the top shows streaming on Netflix at the moment. It was released on the streaming platform on May 30, and it didn't take long for it to rank on the streamer's top 10 TV shows list. As of June 3, it's sitting at the No. 2 spot, and it doesn't look like it'll be removed from the list anytime soon.

Since there are only six episodes in the first season, most people have already finished watching watching them by now. Now, they're wondering if there will be a set of new episodes coming out in an Eric season 2 in the future. Unfortunately, a second installment is not likely to happen. Why? Well, it's because the thriller was billed as a limited series. Limited series don’t typically receive additional installments. They’re meant to be one-and-done type of shows, meaning one season and that’s it.

Since the key mysteries are wrapped up in the season 1 finale, there wouldn't really be a need for an Eric season 2 anyway. The first season told a complete story, so a second season wouldn't be necessary. Yes, a potential second season could explore a different missing person's case, but it doesn't look like creator Abi Morgan intends to make another season.

Morgan spoke with USA Today and had this to say about a potential Eric season 2:

"The joy of a limited series is that it hopefully burns bright for that period, so I never saw it beyond that. I feel those characters have exorcised their demons and come to a resolution, and as an exploration of the city at that time, we’ve probably grappled with everything there. It feels like it landed for me in six episodes, so I don’t know I would take it any further than that."

Abi Morgan

Eric centers around a man named Vincent Anderson, one of New York’s leading puppet makers and puppeteers and a creator of a hugely popular children’s television show, whose life begins to unravel when his 9-year-old son mysteriously disappears one morning on the way to school.

Vincent is determined to do everything he can to find his missing son, but his progressively destructive behavior pushes those around him away. Struggling with the loss of his son, he begins to cling to his son's drawings of a blue monster puppet named Eric and eventually becomes convinced that if he somehow brings Eric on his show, then his son will come home.

Cumberbatch stars as the charismatic yet narcissistic puppeteer Vincent, while young actor Ivan Morris Howe plays Edgar Anderson, Vincent's missing son. Gaby Hoffmann, McKinley Belcher III, Roberta Colindrez, Jeff Hephner, Wade Allain-Marcus, Mark Gillis, Dan Fogler, and many others join Cumberbatch and Howe in the cast.

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