Eric episode 2 recap: New suspects are introduced in Edgar's case

The second episode of Eric follows the continued investigation while Vincent and Cassie's marriage crumbles. Anyone's a suspect at this point... even Vincent?
Eric on Netflix - episode 2
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The second episode of Eric picks up shortly after the premiere ends, again starting out with the press conference. It's been 48 hours since Edgar has gone missing, and Vincent's pleas for him to come home raise a few eyebrows. He apologizes to Edgar on TV, leaving some wondering what he might have to be sorry for. He continues seeing a vision of the creature Eric, but only he can see him.

Warning: There are major spoilers for Eric episode 2 below.

Cassie and Vincent continue to be at odds on what to do next; Cassie wants him to help out putting up flyers about Edgar's disappearance, while Vincent now wants to work on getting Eric on Good Day Sunshine. At one point early in episode 2, Vincent sees Cassie with the man she is having an affair with, Sebastian, and asks who he is. This is when we find out she used to be his teacher.

Edgar drew a picture of a man Ledroit doesn't recognize

Ledroit continues investigating and goes to Edgar's school to speak with one of his teachers. She tells him that Edgar is antisocial and draws a lot, showing him some of his work. Ledroit sees another man in Edgar's drawings who isn't Vincent and begins questioning who it could be. He later hears about Kennedy's death from Cripp, who says it was probably a drunk college kid who hit him. Ledroit disagrees, however, telling his boss that Kennedy was worked up over someone named 8. Cripp, again, tells Ledroit to stay out of it and work on leads to find Edgar.

Ledroit receives files of people in the Andersons' area with a record, and George is included. He follows this potential lead and shows up at George's with other cops to talk to him about Edgar again. They look around and see a locked boiler room, where they find a kid's bike and a juice box. George also has a kids' magazine on his table, which he explains by saying he likes to do puzzles. Now, he's definitely a suspect.

While handing out flyers, Cassie sees someone wearing Edgar's red jacket in the subway station and runs after them on the platform. When she finally gets ahold of them, she's disappointed to see it's a woman, not Edgar at all.

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Vincent decides to go to work and is unhappy with a new puppet they've introduced for Good Day Sunshine. He confides in his good friend and coworker Lennie, and tells him he has the new puppet that's right for the show — Eric. Vincent explains that Eric was Edgar's idea, and says that maybe if they can get him on the show, Edgar might see him and decide to come home. At this point, it seems like Vincent fully believes Edgar ran away and was not abducted. But how is he so sure?

Vincent needs to put Eric on TV

Lennie convinces one of their corporate bosses, Jerry, to schedule a pitch meeting so Vincent can present Eric to the team. In a surprising moment, Vincent asks Lennie if he took Edgar, noting that he always liked him. Lennie looks at him strangely and walks away, not responding. The police call in Vincent and Cassie with news — the blood on the Good Day Sunshine t-shirt is O-positive, while Edgar is A-positive. It's not a match.

Meanwhile, George is brought in for interrogation, and it's revealed he previously was charged with the rape of a minor, something his lawyer Renata Clark says was appealed and overturned. Ledroit questions George on what they found in the boiler room, and George explains that he allowed Edgar to come into his apartment and draw on the walls of his basement. He says that Edgar would come over seeking solace when his parents were fighting, which apparently was a lot. Ledroit shows George the bloody t-shirt and asks if he knows where Edgar is. George denies being involved, but when asked what his blood type is, he says O.

Cassie is suspicious of Vincent

Vincent is convinced George couldn't have kidnapped or harmed Edgar, but Cassie isn't so sure. She, understandably, doesn't know who to trust right now. The divide between the couple continues and Cassie notices that Edgar has been drinking a lot. At home, they argue, and Cassie tells Vincent that he's going crazy.

The audience then gets an interesting reveal here. Cassie tells Vincent that he should've told the police that he went after Edgar the morning he went missing before asking how he got a cut on his forehead. She then asks him what his blood type is, which forces him to storm out. I had originally thought he had a cut on his head from a fight he had with Cassie, but that's apparently not the case. Does Cassie think Vincent hurt Edgar? At this point, everyone is a suspect to her.

We then see the woman wearing the red jacket like Edgar's walking through tents near the subway. There's a whole community of unhoused people living underground in the subway station and around it. She talks to a man named Yuusuf, whose dreads are very similar to the man in the picture Edgar drew. Who are these people, and how are they connected to the Andersons? We'll find out eventually!

Vincent goes to see his mom at his parents' very fancy and expensive-looking apartment, telling her they don't want the money she offered as a reward for Edgar. He doesn't believe that'll bring him back. Desperate, he asks if he can sleep at their place, but his mom says no. She begins analyzing his erratic behavior, telling him that he should go back on medication. Fed up, Edgar leaves, but not before seeing his dad in the other room. Instead of saying anything, his father closes the door and shuts him out.

Ledroit still believes The Lux is up to something

Against the Captain's wishes, Ledroit goes back to The Lux and talks to Gator again. He tells him what he heard on his tapes, including a man saying he had a "10-year-old Bourbon" along with a kid's voice. Ledroit insinuates that the person wasn't actually talking about whisky and was referring to a boy, but Gator shuts him down. Gator even shows him a bottle of Bourbon in the kitchen and tells him to stop hounding him.

All eyes are on Edgar's missing persons case, but he's not the only kid who's gone missing in the city. A woman named Cecile calls Ledroit, saying everyone's forgotten about her son Marlon, who's been missing for almost a year. The difference in attention the two cases receive is emphasized throughout the show, considering Edgar is a white boy and Marlon is Black. Though the cops don't admit it, it's not a stretch to believe there's systematic racism riddled throughout the police force and government.

We see Yuusuf again one last time in this episode, looking at one of the flyers for Edgar. He untangles some rope and walks away with it, but we don't see where he's going.

Eric: Limited Series
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While Vincent gets to work at his studio creating the Eric puppet, Ledroit finally gets the CCTV footage of the Andersons' street the morning Edgar went missing. Just as Cassie said, Ledroit sees Vincent going after Edgar. But what happens next? Ledroit doesn't know, but they might have enough to arrest him — especially after he gets a phone call from Cassie. At the apartment, Cassie looks through boxes and finds Vincent's birth certificate, which confirms his blood type is O-positive. Promptly, she calls Ledroit to tell him.

Just as we like in a good mystery series, Eric does a great job introducing potential suspects in each episode. But what really happened to Edgar, and is someone to blame? You'll have to keep watching to find out. Continue reading our Eric episodic recaps here at Netflix Life!

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