Don't expect Elizabeth Olsen to star in You season 5 despite online rumors

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With the writers and actors strikes ending late last year, we've been hearing a lot about television and movie productions getting back to work. In fact, we just learned of a rumor that production on You season 5 will be starting this spring. But this isn't the only recent rumor we've heard about this Netflix thriller series. There's a rumor swirling around that Elizabeth Olsen will be in the upcoming fifth and final season.

But wait! Don't go screaming from the rooftops how happy you are because this is not true. The Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress has not been confirmed to be joining the fifth season's cast. Netflix nor the creative team behind You have confirmed her casting.

But where did this rumor come from? Well, it all started on the website, Reddit. About two months ago, a Reddit user shared what looked to be a You poster of Elizabeth Olsen sitting at a table pouring blood from a teapot into a teacup. At the bottom of the poster, there's the show's title, the Netflix logo, and two release dates. This same poster was later shared on a Netflix fan page on Facebook called "The Netflix Community," with the caption to the post reading, "YOU. FINAL SEASON. 2024!!" So people assumed that this meant Olsen would be in season 5.

But let me tell you why this is a fake You poster. For starters, Elizabeth Olsen was photoshopped into the poster. That picture of her is actually from her May 2022 photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar. Also, the release dates in the poster are the original You season 4 release dates. Part 1 and part 2 of season 4 were initially scheduled to be released on Feb. 10 and March 10 (the same dates shown in the fake You season 5 poster), but part 1 and part 2 actually came out on Feb. 9 and March 9.

So it looks like someone took one of the old You season 4 posters and photoshopped Olsen into it to make it seem as if it's a You season 5 poster. But again, Olsen will not be in the fifth season.

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