Dark Angel starring Jessica Alba isn't on Netflix (but it needs to be!)

Netflix, you have the opportunity to do the best thing ever.
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Jessica Alba's having something of a renaissance in 2024 with the release of her first movie in almost five years, the Netflix action film Trigger Warning. In the movie, Alba gets back to her action hero roots, playing Special Forces commando Parker, a grieving daughter delving into the dangerous conspiracy that plagued her hometown and led to the death of her beloved father.

Trigger Warning, which features some of Alba's best work to date, didn't take long to shoot straight to the peak of Netflix's top 10 most popular movies ranking. As the world enjoyed watching Alba throw punches and take names once more, fans wondered where they could watch her short-lived sci-fi drama series Dark Angel online. Sad news: It's not on Netflix or any major streaming platform.

However, Netflix could have the power to change the cult favorite show's streaming fate. Even though Dark Angel was produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox Television (which is now owned by Disney and makes the show most likely to land on Disney+ and Hulu), Netflix has recently struck a streaming deal with Disney. Throughout 2024, Disney-owned shows have been dropping on Netflix.

The slate of shows, which began with The Wonder Years reboot and NBC's This Is Us in January, has been set through February 2025 with the release of Home Improvement. In July 2024, hugely popular shows Lost and Prison Break will join Netflix's ranks, too. The shows are said to each spend at least 18 months on the streamer. Who's to say Netflix and Disney wouldn't announce a second batch of shows in 2025?

Dark Angel, which was created by Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron, aired on the Fox network from 2000 to 2002. Alba was 19 years old when she starred in the 2019-set dystopian action series as Max Guevara, a runaway supersoldier attempting to remain undetected in Seattle. The series was expensive to produce and was ultimately canceled due to declining ratings.

The series remained a fan-favorite and was released on DVD in the 2000s, though those editions have since gone out of print. In 2024, it's virtually impossible to watch Dark Angel, even with the creator being one of the most successful directors of all time and the star being a successful movie star, too. With 2000s nostalgia at an all-time peak and Alba back in action, it's time for Netflix to swoop in.

While promoting Trigger Warning, Alba spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her 30-year acting career and reflected on her biggest roles. The actress is also open to returning to her role as Max, as she told ET, " If Jim [James Cameron] wanted to do Dark Angel, I would do Dark Angel again, yeah. He really has been a mentor of mine, and it would just be fun to work with him because we have that history together, and I admire him so much."

But first, fans need the series to be released on streaming in order to relive the action-packed series and increase the demand for a potential new edition, reboot, or revival. Something tells us Cameron will be a little busy with the Avatar sequels, but you can never count out the power of IP when it comes to a studio. And you know what helps re-popularize IP? The Netflix bump.

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