Crooks cast: Meet the stars of Netflix's gritty German crime drama


Following Netflix's global release of the German crime drama series, Crooks, the Kren and Cüneyt Kaya-directed series is quickly gaining fans internationally!

The series follows the story of Charly, a former thief who is forced back into a life of crime when his past comes back to haunt him and his family in Berlin. The official synopsis, as per Netflix's Media Center, reads:

"Charly lives a peaceful life with his family in Berlin, until his dark past catches up with him. Old 'acquaintances' threaten his family's life and force him to work a heist of a valuable coin. Joseph, a clan driver from Vienna, is supposed to take the loot to Austria. But the well-thought-out plan fails, a shoot-out ensues and someone dies. Inevitably, the fates of Charly and Joseph collide. They must flee and get Charly's family out of danger. During the attempt to save what is important to them, the two crooks must assert themselves against the clans from Berlin, Vienna and Marseille. Both can only succeed if they rely on their friendship. An adventurous and action-packed road trip across three national borders begins."

Netflix's Media Center

If you've seen the new crime drama, or are just about to get stuck in, but want to get properly acquainted with the cast of Crooks, then you're in the right place! Join us as we reveal the full cast list below!

Who stars in the German crime drama Crooks?

Annika Lau, Frederick Lau
Spa Awards 2024 / Sebastian Reuter/GettyImages

Charley, the family man whose quiet life in Berlin is disrupted by his criminal past, is portrayed by the talented Frederick Lau! Let's delve into the background of the German actor who brings this crook to life.

Born on August 17, 1989, in Berlin, Germany, Frederick Lau is now 34 years old as of April 2024. With over 115 acting credits listed on IMDb, Lau is recognized as one of Germany's premier acting talents. He is perhaps best known for his roles in The Wave (2008), Victoria (2015), and Heart of Stone (2016), as well as his portrayal of Wurstjunge in the TV series Die Snobs.

In his personal life, Lau has been in a relationship with German radio and TV news presenter Annika Lau (née Kipp) since 2013. The couple exchanged vows in 2015 and has since welcomed three children together.

Now, let's meet the rest of the exceptional ensemble cast of Crooks!

Crooks full cast

Crooks boasts an exceptional ensemble of German actors who bring their own charm and charisma to the crime drama. As per IMDb, the full cast includes:

  • Frederick Lau as Charly Markovic
  • Christoph F. Krutzler as Joseph Muckstein
  • Svenja Jung as Samira
  • Jonathan Tittel as Jonas
  • Erdal Yildiz as Hassan Al Walid
  • Kida Khodr Ramadan as Rami
  • Maya Unger as Nina Oblomow
  • Lukas Watzl as Rio
  • Virginie Peignien as Griselda Delacroix
  • Karl Welunschek as Der Rote
  • Georg Friedrich as Joe Berger
  • Brigitte Kren as Tante Margot
  • Branko Samarovski as Karl Bachofner\Der Großein
  • Klara Mucci as Alina Ionescu
  • Nicolas Wanczycki as Griselda Delacroix's Guard

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