9 best TV shows to watch if you like the Harlan Coben Netflix shows

If you're a fan of Harlan Coben's Netflix shows, we shared a list of nine TV shows you should watch right now.

Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix.
Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix. /
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Mare of Easttown

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown Season 1, Episode 5 -- Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO /
  • Release Date: April 18, 2021
  • Created by Brad Ingelsby
  • Cast: Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Angourie Rice, David Denman, Neal Huff, Guy Pearce, Cailee Spaeny, John Douglas Thompson, Joe Tippett, Evan Peters, Sosie Bacon, James McArdle, and more
  • Where to watch: MAX

Premise: Mare of Easttown tells the story of, you guessed it, Mare of Easttown. Mare, played by Kate Winslet, is a police detective in a suburb outside of Philadelphia called Easttown. Mare has a rough family life and troubled past. When a young girl is murdered and another goes missing, Mare does everything she can to get to the bottom of the case, find out who the killer is, and where the missing girl can be found.

Why you should watch: Mare of Easttown is probably the best recent TV mystery. It's one of the best detective stories on HBO in a long time. Winslet is incredible in the series, and she won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Limited Series for her role.

Tonally, the series is a bit different than Coben's Netflix shows. It feels darker, even though some of Coben's Netflix shows really venture deep into the darkness. There are so many twists and turns in this mystery. You'll never guess who is actually responsible!

If you're in the mood for a brilliant mystery series with stellar performances, you can't go wrong with Mare of Easttown.

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