9 best TV shows to watch if you like the Harlan Coben Netflix shows

If you're a fan of Harlan Coben's Netflix shows, we shared a list of nine TV shows you should watch right now.

Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix.
Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix. /
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You Don't Know Me

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You Don't Know Me - Credit: Netflix /
  • Release Date: Dec. 5, 2021
  • Created by Tom Edge
  • Cast: Samuel Adewunmi, Sophie Wilde, Bukky Bakray, Roger Nsengiyumva, Tuwaine Barrett, Yetunde Oduwole, Nicholas Khan, Michael Balogun, Duayne Boachie, and more
  • Where to watch: Netflix

Premise: You Don't Know Me follows a young man who has been accused of and charged with killing another young man, a drug dealer. Hero, played by Samuel Adewunmi, represents himself in the trial and tries to explain the circumstances that led up to the killing and why he's innocent. It's a bold strategy, and we do see if it plays out for him, Cotton. The series is largely told via flashbacks to the events that lead up to and beyond the death with a focus on Kyra, played by Sophie Wilde, who is the center of this mystery.

Why you should watch: You Don't Know Me feels like one of the Harlan Coben Netflix shows. The series is available to stream on Netflix. Coben fans will enjoy You Don't Know Me because not everything is as it seems in this mystery, and it has really strong characters you can't help but root for. I feel like those are two hallmarks of Coben's shows.

We also included You Don't Know Me on the list of shows to watch if you like Fool Me Once. There are a lot of similarities with this show and a lot of Coben's shows, especially in terms of the overall pacing and what the characters are hiding. Everyone has something up their sleeve in a Coben drama, and that's true in You Don't Know Me, too!

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