Queen Charlotte, Mask Girl, and the 20 best Netflix Original shows of 2023

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. (L to R) Corey Mylchreest as Young King George, India
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. (L to R) Corey Mylchreest as Young King George, India /
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Beef. (L to R) Ali Wong as Amy, Steven Yeun as Danny in episode 110 of Beef. Cr. Andrew /


Beef is a new Netflix show that came out this year. I wasn't even going to watch it, but I'm so happy that I did. After watching Steven Yeun and Ali Wong in this series, they absolutely must work together again, whether it be in a potential Beef season 2 or another show.

The show's unique plot was enough to pull me in, but the amazingly talented cast is what kept me watching. It was produced by A24, which is known for producing great content, and was created by Lee Sung Jin.

It's a dark comedy, so there is a perfect blend of comedic moments and serious moments. Yeun and Wong star as two very different people whose lives become intertwined after getting into a road rage incident. Yeun plays Danny Cho, a failing contractor, while Wong portrays Amy Lau, a self-made entrepreneur. Danny and Amy just can't get over the road rage incident, and it escalates into a prolonged feud that's deeply self-destructive.

Joseph Lee, Young Mazino, David Choe, Patti Yasutake, Maria Bello, Ashley Park, Justin H. Min, and many others join Yeun and Wong in the cast.

There's still no word on if there will be a second season, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. The first season has received 13 Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. We'll find out if the show takes home any Emmy Awards when the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony airs in January 2024.

Written by Crystal George