Bank of Dave star Joel Fry age, height, Instagram, roles, and everything to know

Dive into the captivating world of Bank of Dave star Joel Fry! From his age and height to exploring his roles, read our ultimate guide to everything Joel Fry. Uncover fascinating details about the talented actor's career and personal highlights, including his Instagram presence, and more!
Joel Fry at the Equus Press Night at the Trafalgar Studios,...
Joel Fry at the Equus Press Night at the Trafalgar Studios,... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The 2023 British biographical comedy Bank of Dave, now available on Netflix in the U.S., has garnered immense praise, thanks in part to the stellar performances of its cast, notably Joel Fry. As audiences immerse themselves in the inspiring tale of Dave Fishwick's quest to establish a community bank, Joel Fry's portrayal of Hugh, the tenacious lawyer challenging the banking system, stands out for its depth and skill.

Beyond his role in Bank of Dave, Joel Fry's journey to success and his diverse entertainment career add a fascinating layer to his persona. Fry's talent and dedication have propelled him to remarkable heights from lesser-known beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the industry!

Join us as we take a close look into Joel Fry's life, uncovering not just his age, height, and career milestones, but also delving into his journey, achievements, and the essence of the person behind the roles! We're here to provide an all-around look at the talented Joel Fry, making this your ultimate guide to understanding the man beyond the screen!

Who is Bank of Dave star Joel Fry?

Joel Fry at the Equus Press Night at the Trafalgar Studios,...
Joel Fry at the Equus Press Night at the Trafalgar Studios,... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Meet Joel Fry, the charismatic British actor and musician born on May 20, 1985. At 36, this London native of Jamaican and English heritage brings a vibrant energy to both screen and stage. Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch (185.4 cm), according to Celeb Heights, his presence is as commanding as his talent!

Educated at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), Fry earned his stripes and a BA in Acting Degree (H Level) in 2005, setting the stage for an eclectic career in entertainment.

His acting repertoire spans television and film, showcasing his versatility and knack for diverse roles. You might recognize him from uproarious sitcoms like White Van Man, Trollied, and Plebs. Not to mention his intriguing stint as Hizdahr zo Loraq in the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones, where his skill truly shone.

But that's not all -- Fry's cinematic flair extends to notable film roles. From embodying Lu'kibu in the adventure epic 10,000 BC to lighting up the screen as Rocky in the 2019 romantic comedy Yesterday, and adding his mischievous charm as Jasper Badun in the 2021 crime comedy-drama Cruella, his performances leave a lasting impression.

Beyond the silver screen, Fry's artistic talents transcend acting. He once rocked as part of the band Animal Circus, unleashing their EP Snakes and Ladders in 2012. In a delightful turn, his musical chops resurfaced on the 2022 Our Flag Means Death soundtrack, where he crooned as the lovable Frenchie.

Despite his magnetic on-screen presence, Fry keeps his personal life under wraps, fostering an air of mystery. Maintaining an enigmatic aura, Joel Fry chooses to steer clear of social media platforms, opting to keep his personal life truly private. However, his wit and charm are evident through his captivating performances and public appearances!

With a net worth estimated at around $10 million, Joel Fry's star continues to rise, captivating audiences and leaving us eager for more of his captivating performances!

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