No, Argylle won't be on Netflix (when to watch on Apple TV+)

Argylle, image from Apple TV PR
Argylle, image from Apple TV PR /

One of the year's most intriguing and mysterious new movies hit theaters on Feb. 2, 2024, and once Argylle finished its theatrical run, fans around the world will want to know where to stream the movie online. Is it headed for Netflix? Unfortunately, Netflix isn't in the cards for the movie, as it's produced and distributed by Apple Films.

While Universal Pictures assisted Apple in Argylle's theatrical release, when it's time to start streaming, the movie will become available on Apple TV+. As of the film's theatrical release week, an exact release date for streaming wasn't yet set, but it was confirmed to be added to the streamer "at a later date." Well, we now know that date: Friday, April 12.

If you're looking for movies similar to Argylle on Netflix, you should consider adding titles like Red Notice, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Murder Mystery, 6 Underground, The Gray Man, and more to your watch list. Also, Netflix's The Gentlemen series, which premiered in March, also have some of the same action comedy-drama vibes as the big-screen action flick.

Check out the movie's official synopsis via Universal Pictures:

"Bryce Dallas Howard is Elly Conway, the reclusive author of a series of best-selling espionage novels, whose idea of bliss is a night at home with her computer and her cat, Alfie. But when the plots of Elly’s fictional books — which center on secret agent Argylle and his mission to unravel a global spy syndicate — begin to mirror the covert actions of a real-life spy organization, quiet evenings at home become a thing of the past. Accompanied by Aiden, a cat-allergic spy, Elly (carrying Alfie in her backpack) races across the world to stay one step ahead of the killers as the line between Elly’s fictional world and her real one begins to blur."

Leading up to the release of Argylle, there's be a lot of talk about who supposedly wrote the book upon which the film is based. Deadline initially reported in July 2021 that the movie was based on the "soon to be launched" spy novel by Elly Conway. Recently, some fans have theorized that Taylor Swift wrote the book, though director Michael Vaughn shot down those rumors. Meanwhile, star Bryce Dallas Howard said the movie's inspired by her, given the cat in the movie is a Scottish Fold and Swift owns two Scottish Fold cats. Hmmm...

Before the movie even hit our screens, so much hype surrounded it, and the mysterious case of who wrote the elusive book isn't even the tip of the iceberg. There has also already been chatter about a film trilogy and a shared universe with Vaughn's Kingsman franchise and another franchise he's working on. Basically, there's a lot of potential when it comes to Argylle and its future. But first, here's who's part of that journey in the movie's cast:

  • Henry Cavill as Argylle
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway
  • Sam Rockwell as Aiden
  • Bryan Cranston as Ritter
  • Catherine O'Hara as Ruth
  • Dua Lipa as LaGrange
  • Ariana DeBose as Keira
  • John Cena as Wyatt
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Alfred Solomon
  • Sofia Boutella as Saba Al-Badr
  • Rob Delaney
  • Jing Lisu
  • Richard E. Grant as Fowler
  • Chip as Alfie (the cat)

Watch the official trailer for the movie in the video below!

Will you be checking out Argylle on Apple TV+? Stay tuned for more movie news and updates from Netflix Life!

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