Are Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose from Too Hot to Handle season 4 still together?

This Too Hot to Handle couple is still going strong!


Not many Too Hot to Handle couples make it after they leave the show's insular paradise, but Kayla Richart and Sebastian Melrose from season 4 quickly became fan-favorites thanks to their chemistry and Seb's willingness to evolve for Kayla.

It has been just over a year since Too Hot to Handle season 4 premiered, with the season split across two weeks in December 2022. Here we are in February 2024, and Seb and Kayla are still going strong.

The pair actually did split after they completed filming on the show, as the long-distance nature of their relationship (she lives in LA and Seb is from Scotland) proved too challenging for the new couple, but they later rekindled their love and have been together ever since.

Kayla and Seb's current relationship status

Even though Kayla and Seb didn't win their season (or even become finalists), the other contestants were rooting for them to make it from the start, and apparently they were right to do so. Seb and Kayla keep their fans updated regularly from their respective Instagrams.

Recently, the couple celebrated Christmas together and in early February, they were both in California for the NASCAR's Busch Light Clash in California and they later went to the Experience 249 event to meet up some friends, including TikToker Emma Norton and DJ Charly Jordan.

She and Seb appear to travel regularly, having visited places like Abu Dhabi and Spain in 2023. Based on some of Kayla's TikTok videos, like this one, it sounds like they do still have a long-distance relationship, but they're clearly making it work!

Seb regularly visits Kayla in California, even staying for a weeks at a time and based on how often the pair travel for their careers, (Seb is a racecar driver and Kayla an influencer) it seems like they enjoy visiting different places together and going on adventures around the world.

Kayla and Seb's Too Hot to Handle season 4 journey

From the get go, both Kayla and Seb were hot commodities on their season and each one attracted many of the other singles in the house. But once they clicked with each other, they really didn't have eyes for anyone else. They cost everyone in the house plenty of money as they were unable to stop hooking up, breaking many of Lana's rules against physical touch.

They did face some obstacles along the way, like Seb's head getting turned by Flavia Laos and then Seb stopping Kayla's date with the other newcomer, Shawn Wells, but ultimately they came out of the experience stronger for it.

Besides Seb, Kayla is friends with several other Too Hot to Handle contestants like Georgia Hassarati and Francesca Farago.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more updates on Seb and Kayla's relationship, plus news and more about more Too Hot to Handle couples!

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