Anthracite on Netflix ending delivers more twists and potential for a sinister second season (ending explained)

The show's climactic ending presents new mysteries and a potential season 2 teaser.
Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect. Cr: Netflix
Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect. Cr: Netflix /

The final episode of Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect, titled "Point of Equilibrium" delivers a chilling conclusion to the show's central mysteries like the true culprit behind Roxane's murder, the identity of Ida's father, and more.

Spoilers ahead for Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect on Netflix

Whether you have questions about how things ended or you're just ready to find out the answers to some of the show's mysteries, we'll feel you in on all of the twists and turns from the show's sixth episode below!

Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect. Cr: CHRISTINE TAMALET/Netflix /

A rescue mission to save Jaro's daughter Malia from Nurse Faure

The sixth episode continues where we left off in the previous one, now with Jaro trying to save his daughter Malia from the mines before Nurse Faure and her daughter, Cali (the twin sister of Romeo's love interest Hari) can kill her. Previously, we learned that Faure and her kids have been devoted to Caleb Johansson's teachings and believed they have to sacrifice Malia as part of their overall complicated system of beliefs.

As the skirmish is happening deep in the mines, Gio rushes to save Jaro and Malia in time but is unable to prevent Elias' father Vincent from shooting Dr. Emmanuel Bachelard, as Vincent blames the doctor and the lab for the town's health problems.

Dr. Bachelard, who was about to set off a detonator and blow up the mines was about to step away and help Gio rescue Jaro, but when Vincent shoots him the detonator goes off and Gio is helpless to stop the explosion. Luckily, Jaro was able to get himself, Malia, and Ida far enough away from the detonation that the rescue crew is able to retrieve them. Faure and Cali are left behind in the rubble and presumably dead. Thus ends Arcacia, which is what the people of Lévionna wanted anyway.

What happens to Romeo?

After everything that happened between him and Hari, Romeo, understandably, leaves town. Three weeks after the explosion, he's fully recovered from the hospital where Jaro had been playing nurse. He visits Hari in prison once and Hari reveals that his feelings for Romeo were real. Romeo says he knows, but leaves town anyway with a final message for Jaro telling him his plans and advising him to take care of Ida and his family.

Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect. Thibault Grabherr/Netflix /

Who really killed Roxane Vial?

It's not until the end of the episode that Anthracite reveals the most disturbing plot twist of all. Ida and her father Solal finally reunite after he gets out of rehab and then Ida gets a phone call from one of her web sleuths who had analyzed hers and Caleb's genomes. It's impossible for Caleb to be Ida's biological father. So, who is?

Well... the truth is that Ida's dad is Jaro's uncle, Claude. Claude raped his sister Juliette and has been killing people to cover up his misdeeds ever since. Jaro learns this after hearing an old recording in his mother's bedroom and starting to put two and two together.

Remember the whole "Enola" thing? "Enola" is just "alone" backward and that word is written on one of Claude's old shirts that he gives Jaro to help him deliver a lamb. It was that shirt Claude wore when he raped Juliette, hence why she was haunted by the phrase.

Claude not only killed Roxane because she had started to figure out what happened, but he also killed Marie and even started the fire in Juliette and Jaro's apartment. Juliette did not commit suicide. Claude killed her because she had begun going to therapy and remembering what happened. After killing Roxane, Claude then spread the anthracite on her face intentionally so it would point to the cult and Caleb.

The episode ends with a violent confrontation between Claude and Jaro. Jaro has Claude pinned to the ground just as Ida arrives and sees the spectacle. Claude's fate is left ambiguous, as the credits roll right after that scene, though it seems likely they would have sent him to prison.

Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect. Cr: Netflix /

Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect teases a second season with a disturbing post-credits scene

Claude and Jaro's fight, while shocking, is not the actual final scene of the season. There is a mid-credits scene that takes place shortly after that reveals Ida is going to take over her father's documentary about the cult and everything that has happened in the town. She's already hard at work on the doc with the assistance of her online web of friends and sleuths.

But while filming one of her talking head segments for the documentary. Ida receives a strange video clip of some CCTV footage. In it, we see a woman approaching her front door where a package is waiting for her. She opens it and whatever is inside causes her to scream and run away.

That's all we get before the show officially ends. What the heck could that mean? Does it have to do with all the oddities that have occurred in the town of Lévionna or is this a suggesting that the show could go in a completely different direction if it gets renewed?

That said, we have some unfortunate news. It seems unlikely that Netflix plans to renew Anthracite for another season as it is currently being billed as a "limited series." It's worth noting that Ida learns from Jaro that he is compatible, meaning she can get the life-saving surgery soon. That sounds like the writers are leaving things open so Ida could potentially return and maybe solve another mystery in a second season.

"Secrets of the Sect" is the show's subtitle, it could end up being like Netflix's other international crime drama The Mire, which also functioned as a semi-anthology show where each season received a unique subtitle and centered on a new mystery set during different eras.

Anthracite was a competent and engrossing crime show. I have a feeling it will do well with Netflix viewers, so fingers crossed it does get renewed! Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more updates on the series and all other Netflix content.

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