America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders coming to Netflix this summer: Here's what we know so far

Missing the CMT series? Make sure to keep tabs on the new Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders show coming to Netflix this summer.
America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Cr: Netflix
America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Cr: Netflix /

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are on the move to Netflix after a 16-season run on the Paramount-owned cable network CMT. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader director Kelli Finglass is heavily involved in the Netflix series just like she was in the long-running CMT series that ran from 2006 to 2022.

But the Netflix show won't be a new season of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, it's instead being reworked into a new show titled America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and while it will have a similar format to the previous series, it features an entirely new production team.

America's Sweethearts is from Emmy Award-winning director Greg Whiteley and the team behind Last Chance U and Cheer, another successful Netflix docuseries about cheerleading. One Potato Productions and Boardwalk Pictures will produce with Whiteley.

Season 1 of the upcoming series will feature seven episodes, each one approximately 45 minutes long. It will follow the 2023-24 cheerleading squad from the audition room to training and all the way through the NFL season.

America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Cr: Netflix /

Here's the official Netflix logline:

"This series follows the 2023-24 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad from start to finish — kicking off at auditions and training camp and continuing all the way through the NFL season. From Emmy Award-winning director Greg Whiteley and the team behind Cheer and Last Chance U, the seven-episode series will give viewers unfiltered access into this iconic team and franchise. Led by longtime director Kelli Finglass, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders open their doors to document the personal stories behind the uniforms – revealing the drive, hustle, and drama among the cheerleaders and coaches. For many, it’s a dream to make the team - but that’s only just the beginning."

Started in 1961, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team has become a global institution with a legacy lasting over 60 years. When the team isn't performing at NFL games they perform globally on tours, including the USO Tours for American military.

Discussing America's Sweethearts, Whiteley praised the Cowboys for offering "unfettered access for the year we filmed the DCC and left us alone."

"The result is an authentic portrait of one of the most storied and beloved institutions we have in American pop culture."

Greg Whiteley

While Netflix hasn't released a teaser or trailer yet, they did share an announcement video that showcases some footage from the series as the girls prep for a show and one unseen voice notes how performing in front of a crowd is "almost euphoric."

Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President/Chief Brand Officer and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders President, Charlotte Jones, released the following statement about the Netflix series:

“We’re thrilled to see the results of a season spent with Greg Whiteley and a remarkable crew following every step of the way. The storytelling through this open access will captivate viewers episode after episode and Netflix’s global stage is the perfect platform to showcase it. We went into this understanding that the opportunity to transparently share the journey of our season, and the emotions, challenges and joy experienced along the way, is exactly what our fans and viewers would want. It’s also part of the reason that, for decades, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have earned their place as being ‘often imitated, but never equaled’.”

We don't have a release date for the series yet, but the official announcement video reveals that America's Sweethearts will debut this summer on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more details and information on the upcoming series.

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