A Simple Favor ending explained: What really happened to Hope, Faith, and Emily?

When Emily Nelson goes missing. Stephanie Smothers will do anything to find her in A Simple Favor. How does this twisty movie end? Let's break it all down.
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At long last, A Simple Favor is on Netflix. This Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively movie will leave you guessing until the very end.

Lively plays Emily Nelson, a woman who seems to have it all together. Kendrick’s Stephanie is shocked to find out that Emily wants to be her friend, and the two start to hang out a lot. When Emily asks Stephanie to pick her son up from school, of course Stephanie is happy to do it. What she doesn’t expect is for Emily to go missing.

Stephanie uses her mommy vlog to get the attention of the people to find Emily. Stephanie (and the viewers) is sent on a wild ride looking for clues to Emily’s disappearance. She was supposed to have gone to Miami “for a few days,” and Stephanie finds a mysterious photo with the words “gotta have faith” written on it.

There are certainly clues all the way through the movie to figure out what’s going on. Let’s break down the twist at the end.

Emily is not who she says she is in A Simple Favor

One of the biggest twists is when Emily’s body turns up during A Simple Favor. Emily has died, and her body shows signs of heavy alcohol and heroin use. With a $4 million life insurance policy on her, Emily’s husband Sean becomes the main suspect.

However, Stephanie isn’t convinced. A trip to Squaw Lake Bible Camp shows that Emily isn’t even called Emily. Her name was Hope McLanden. Hope had two sisters, Faith and Charity, only Charity died when she was a baby. Hope and Faith’s story gets even more tragic as their father was abusive and the two identical sisters decided to burn their house down and go their separate ways.

Hope changed her name to Emily and became a success. Faith didn’t fare as well, and ended up coming into Emily’s life to blackmail her. Emily decided to drown her twin and make it look like she’d died so that Sean could collect the life insurance money.

Does Emily get away with killing Faith?

When Stephanie unravels the truth, Emily decides to get Stephanie to work with her. Emily wants to frame Sean as an abusive husband and a murderer. Stephanie isn’t willing to do that, but she does play along with Emily’s game for a while.

Of course, Emily is a step ahead of everyone. She knows that Stephanie has bugged the house and removes all the microphones and shoots Sean.

Does Emily get away with it? Not at all. Stephanie had livestreamed everything on her vlog knowing what Emily could do.

Emily attempts to escape but ends up run over by one of the parents at the school. She survives, though, so she gets to serve the prison sentence she deserves. Sean is a free man, and Stephanie’s vlog is a success after all the viewers due to Emily’s disappearing act.

Watch A Simple Favor again and look out for the clues now that it’s on Netflix.

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