5 great gambling movies to watch on Netflix

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Uncut Gems (2019)

Directed By: The Safdie Brothers

Few films have grown in their reputation from the year 2019 like Uncut Gems. From its riveting performance by Adam Sandler to its adrenaline-pumping pacing, Uncut Gems has become a modern classic. 

Upon release, the film was praised mostly for the Sandler performance as well as the Safdies' direction but has now taken on the status of the perfect example of a modern thriller. Anytime you hear people yearning for original movies, Uncut Gems is brought up. When people talk about films that speak to our contemporary times, Uncut Gems is a prime example. People are clamoring for old-fashioned thrillers with a modern twist, and Uncut Gems is standard. The Safdies are now the talk of the town with nearly every actor wanting to get their project to lead. 

While the film is set in 2012, it has a lot to say about the current state gambling, the diamond district, and professional sports. The Safdies' use tricks from Robert Altman and Martin Scorsese to create an anxiety-driven film that leaves you out of breath and needing a nap. 

Uncut Gems is often cited as one of the best examples of experiencing what gambling addicts go through. The constant hustle and the brushes with danger help enhance the rollercoaster to a point few gambling films ever achieve. Not to mention, it is has a wicked sense of black humor. With all these elements, it is no wonder the film is now seen as a modern classic.