27 most romantic moments between Claire and Jamie on Outlander (seasons 1-5)

This couple has proved time and time again how committed they are to each other. Check out some of our favorite swoon-worthy moments from the first five seasons.
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Season 5

Talking about another baby

When Claire and Jamie kind get wee Bonnie thrown in their laps in Outlander season 5, Jamie suggests that this could be a chance for the couple to keep her and raise a baby together. The two are still hurt and regret not being able to raise Bree together. But as Claire suggests, regret isn't enough. They have a wonderful life now, one full of family and friends, and that's enough. Jamie agrees, but wanted to somehow give Claire another baby if that's what she wanted.

Jamie's 50th birthday

Jamie wakes up and reflects on turning 50. All his parts are still intact, and he's grateful that he's surrounded by chidlren and grandchildren. Family is precious and important to the Frasers. Then Claire proceeds to sing him a Marilyn Monroe inspired "happy birthday," and it's the best. Another great moment in the episode is when Jamie says goodbye to Claire before going into battle. She tells him good luck, and "I love you, soldier." He responds that good luck will do, but I love you does so much more. Like I really can't with these two. In the middle of this battlefield they are just so wonderfully in love.

Claire almost loses Jamie

Thanks to a pesky snake bite, Jamie goes through the wringer. Not wanting to amputate his leg and with the little medical means of the time, this means he could die. And he almost does. Jamie gets cold and asks Claire to hold him. When he drifts off, she brings her husband back to life in a, well, interesting way. But hey, it does the trick! It's hard to watch as the fear of losing him is there. Claire brings Jamie back and peppers his face with kisses. We were all just as relieved as Claire was. Phew!

Saving Claire

The finale of Outlander season 5 is a tough one to watch. Lionel Brown and his men kidnap and assault Claire. To deal with the trauma she's going through, she disassociates and goes to a "safe place" in her mind. That place is with her family, and mostly Jamie. He helps her get through it with his love even if he's not with her physically. Eventually, the King of Men comes barging through to save her. Protective Jamie is everything.

When she's back home, we see how patient Jamie is with Claire. Unfortunately, he's been through a similar situation and can relate. In the final moments of the episode, they exchange I love you's, and Jamie tells her that the day he passes if his last words aren't I love you, it's because he didn't have time to say them. But she'll know he feels it. We end the season and episode in a beautiful shot of Jamie just holding his Sassenach while it's raining outside. He calls her brave, which she definitely is, and asks how she feels. She replies, safe. And of course she is in his arms.

Outlander seasons 1 to 5 are streaming on Netflix. To check out season 6 and the first half of season 7, you can do so on Starz.

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