27 most romantic moments between Claire and Jamie on Outlander (seasons 1-5)

This couple has proved time and time again how committed they are to each other. Check out some of our favorite swoon-worthy moments from the first five seasons.
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Outlander Season 4 2018
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Season 4

The first law of thermodynamics

After Hayes s executed, our favorite Highlander and his Sassenach think about being grateful to be alive and they both know more than anyone how important it is to treasure moments together. Claire is scared that this could all be ripped away.. But Jamie reassures her that even death wouldn't tear them apart. All those years, they kept loving each other. Nothing is lost, only changed. Aka the first law of thermodynamics. Or what Jamie calls it - faith. The two have a beautiful moment, happy to be alive and together.

Jamie gifts Claire a doctor's case

Jamie feels bad that he hasn't been able to give Claire much, as he says, except for her wedding ring and his mother's pearls. He hopes one day he'll be able to afford jewelry and laces. So he feels like all he can offer is this doctor's case he found. But it's the best gift of all for a surgeon like Claire and so touching. She reassures him that he's given her so much. She doesn't need expensive items, and has never regretted marrying him when he tells her he hopes he never gave her reason to. This sweet, sweet man.

Building a home

As Jamie and Claire are looking at the nature before them, she teases him that she knows that look. He's in love. Jamie wants to accept Governor Tryon's offer, though reluctant, and build a home for them in North Carolina. That's all Claire's ever wanted. Since they were married, the two haven't had a stable home together. And now, they get to build one. Introducing... Fraser's Ridge!

Claire gets a new ring

Jamie's nothing if not sentimental. Since Stephen Bonnet stole her wedding ring, Jamie fashions a new one for his wife. And he used one of his mother's silver candlesticks to do it. There's even a lovely inscription, in Latin - give me a thousand kisses. Claire is delighted, and so are we!