27 most romantic moments between Claire and Jamie on Outlander (seasons 1-5)

This couple has proved time and time again how committed they are to each other. Check out some of our favorite swoon-worthy moments from the first five seasons.
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Outlander Season 3 2017
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Season 3

Reunited 20 years later

Of course everything about Jamie and Claire reuniting in Outlander season 3 was romantic. I mean, they did have their awkward and funny moments. Jamie was going about his day and found Claire had popped back into his life out of nowhere. It was hilarious how he fainted. But things take a romantic turn, and their kiss after being apart for so long. Perfection. They had like a wedding night 2.0 of sorts. Though it took them a little bit of time to readjust, by the end of the night the two had reconnected fully. That intimate scene where they're just looking at each other gets me every time. They've been starved from the other's touch for two decades. And now, they're finally together again.

Talking about Bree

On the ship on their way to save Young Ian after he was taken, Claire and Jamie have a very cute moment talking about their daughter Brianna. Claire quotes the book "Goodnight Moon" as she read that to Bree when she was younger, and shares how much she misses her. All Jamie can do is hold Claire in comfort.

The King of Men

The romantic couple is able to sneak away for a quick, ahem, romp together. And in the aftermath, Jamie comments how he likes the gray in Claire's hair. It's like silver in the moonlight. She smiles and says if he said that in the 20th century, he'd be the king of all men. I mean, he definitely is! In any century. I like this moment because I also think it's that final feeling of acceptance that Claire is not questioning her decision of coming back anymore. She notes that she knew they'd need to readjust to being together. Jamie reassures his wife that no matter the obstacles, what's between them never changes.

Reunion 2.0

If there's one thing this couple does best it's their reunions. A British ship needs Claire's assistance and takes her away after a breakout of smallpox. And so Jamie and Claire are separated, which is definitely something they're not happy about because of their separation for 20 years. Eventually though, they end up on the same island. That shot of Jamie running through the water and Claire running towards him and they just collide. You can see the absolute relief for both of them and it's an epic moment!

"Bolt the door"

Claire is drunk on turtle soup, and it's the funniest thing ever. She shows Jamie how to use a needle but he just doesn't have the heart to her with it. The couple then has a very playful back and forth that's quite funny but also passionate. She tells him with a not so straight face to bolt the door. Jamie doesn't want to engage in anything so he doesn't hurt her injured arm. But Claire tells him she'll worry about her arm.

The kiss of life

When their ship gets caught in a horrible storm, Claire gets sucked down into the water and passes out. Jamie of course dives in and saves her. He gives her a sort of kiss of life and pulls her back up. She's still unconscious and he yells, "if you die here now, I swear I'll kill you." All he can do is hold onto his love as they're still in the eye of the storm. Eventually, the couple washes up on shore. Jamie fears his Sassenach is gone, but Claire finally wakes up and says she promised she'd never leave him again. Of course he's so relieved and you can see it all over Jamie's face. They then find out they're in America, a little closer to their daughter, and that makes the two so happy.