27 most romantic moments between Claire and Jamie on Outlander (seasons 1-5)

This couple has proved time and time again how committed they are to each other. Check out some of our favorite swoon-worthy moments from the first five seasons.
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Outlander Season 2 2016
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Season 2

The red dress

Outlander season 2 was definitely bittersweet as while we were watching and saw the heartwarming moments between Jamie and Claire, we knew she was going to end up going back to her time. While in France, I feel like there weren't a lot of Jamie and Claire moments since he was busy with Bonnie Prince Charlie for the majority of the story. But, there were still some great scenes. One of them is the reveal of the red dress. One of the best parts about the France storyline is that it was lavish and colorful, and it made for some amazing costumes. I love Jamie's reaction to her dress. He's staring and clearly likes what he sees, but is a little scandalized by how low cut it is. He concedes eventually, and off they go!

"Come find me Jamie"

Since his traumatic experience, intimacy has been difficult between Jamie and Claire. When he comes back from a brothel after a meeting with Prince Charlie, things come to a head and Claire tells him to let her in. He hasn't been able to talk much about what he's feeling and going through up until this moment. He's felt alone and like he's hiding under a blade of grass. Jamie decides to sleep alone that night, but Claire later goes to him and says, "come find me Jamie, find us," referring to the baby. The two are able to reconnect once again, and he can start enjoying the fact he's going to become a father.

Jamie's christening gift to the baby

Jamie writes to Jenny, sharing their good news about the baby and asks her to send a special gift that's been in the Fraser family for generations - 12 spoons to represent the 12 Apostles. It's a christening gift for the baby. Aw! In this moment Claire voices her concerns about being a mother. Since she lost hers at such a young age, she doesn't know how to be one. She knows the physical parts of it, but what about the rest? Jamie reassures her that what she doesn't know, she'll learn. They'll learn it together. He's just so supportive. Ugh, I'm still so sad that these two missed out on being parents together.

Jamie talks to the baby

Before the heartbreaking ordeal of losing Faith, Jamie and Claire have a sweet moment talking to the baby while in bed. He starts speaking to the young one, saying he can't wait to meet them. It's a small moment, but a very sincere and sweet one that many expectant parents can relate to.

Jamie's prayer to protect Claire and the baby

During the war, there's a quiet moment between Jamie and Claire. While she's asleep, he begins praying in Gaelic, asking God to protect her and the child she may one day bear. This hints at the fact that Jamie is suspicious that she may be pregnant, and foreshadows the heartbreaking decision that's to come. And that's to send Claire back through the stones.

The goodbye

This scene is still one of the hardest for me to rewatch from the series. It makes me cry every time! And while it's heartbreaking, it was also romantic in a way. Jamie makes another sacrifice to protect his wife and their baby. He knows she's missed a couple of periods. Like, who is this man tracking her cycles? Things are about to turn ugly, and she'll be safer with the baby in the future. They declare their love for each other one more time, have a quick goodbye, and then do this sort of dance to send her back through the stones. Oh my goodness the waterworks.