Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Extreme Homes - HGTV
Credit: Extreme Homes – HGTV /

50. Extreme Homes Collection

This show takes us inside the most elaborate and creative houses ever made. Step inside the mind of the wacky architect with an idea for a house so outside the box, you can’t even see the box.

The first episode made available in this collection takes us to Death Valley where a house hovers above the desert. Next, we are taken to Japan where a house is wrapped inside glass and a South African home built in the shape of a beehive.

One of the best episodes is Episode 6 where we see some of the most peculiar homes in the series, including a house that was inspired by snakes and another inspired by the Monopoly board game.

If you love looking at houses you could never afford and love to live vicariously through the 1 percent, this is a show that could be more you.

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