Best Kids TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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50. Inspector Gadget

Released on: 2015
Directed by: Phillip Stamp
Starring: Derek McGrath, Tara Strong, Ivan Sherry

This is a respectable remake of the 1980s cartoon that spawned an absolutely dreadful live-action movie starring Matthew Broderick. (We’ll forget about that for now). In this series, Inspector Gadget is still trying to stop the evil Doctor Claw, but there’s a few extra wrinkles: for one, Gadget’s niece Penny and her dog Brain are his official sidekicks (and it’s just as well, because he needed them).

For two, and perhaps most importantly, Claw isn’t working alone, either: he’s got his nephew, Talon, helping him out, and wouldn’t you know it, he and Penny have a crush on one another. In this series, Claw isn’t as evil as he was in the previous series, which makes him more of an annoyance than an OMG EVIL SINISTER FORCE OF EVIL, which means it’s appropriate even for the younger kids.