Best Christmas Movies on Netflix (2017)

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A Christmas Prince: Photo Credit: Netflix
A Christmas Prince: Photo Credit: Netflix /

25. A Christmas Prince

Release Year: 2017 

Directed by Alex Zamm

Starring Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige, Tom Knight, Sarah Douglas, Daniel Fathers and Tahira Sharif 

A Christmas Prince is one of the most recent Netflix original films to be released and just in time for Christmas. The story focuses on a reporter who goes undercover as a tutor to try and gather dirt on a Prince. Soon after starting the investigation, she starts to get feelings and so does he.

The film made headlines around the world after Netflix tweeted that one user had watched the film for 18 straight days. Some people were mad Netflix was tracking and mocking one of its users. Others thought it was a harmless joke.

A Christmas Prince is one of the more ridiculous and super cheesy Christmas movies available to stream on Netflix. If you like those movies, it’s a must-watch this holiday season. If you are a fan of iZombie, you might also want to check out this movie. Rose McIver, who stars in iZombie, also stars in A Christmas Prince.