11 things nobody wants to admit about Gilmore Girls

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In October 2000, Gilmore Girls premiered on The WB, and although they didn’t know it at the time, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore would make television history as two of the most beloved (and debated) mother-daughter duos on the small screen. Their shared adventures in the small, fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut would become adored for decades to come and likely always will be.

The series later ended its run on The CW in May 2007 and returned for a four-part miniseries revival on Netflix in November 2016. In its nine years off the air, Gilmore Girls remained an important part of pop culture. Millennials watched the show in syndication on ABC Family (pre-Freeform), and when it began streaming on Netflix, the Gilmore takeover ensued.

Since it’s been two decades and counting removed from the premiere, there have inevitably been countless and endless discussions about the series, its characters, and all of the minutiae from all seven seasons and the miniseries. Choices have been evaluated and reevaluated, characters have been put under a microscope, and more opinions have been shared than Kirk had jobs.

Things no one wants to admit about Gilmore Girls

Who was actually Rory’s best boyfriend? Who should she have ended up with? Was Lorelai’s worst boyfriend also the man fans think she shouldn’t have married? Did Lane receive the ending she deserved? Questions like these and plenty more have been talked about up and down the timeline and put through a modern lens with each rewatch. Sometimes, the answers can be polarizing.

There’s no shortage of strong feelings about Lorelai, Rory, and all seven seasons plus the revival miniseries of Gilmore Girls. While there are plenty of opinions fans and critics alike are willing to share, what the thing few people are willing to admit? We’re diving into 11 of the most discussion-worthy topics surrounding one of television’s most influential and enduring classics.