My Life With the Walter Boys season 1 ending explained: The long-awaited kiss finally happens

My Life with the Walter Boys. (L to R) Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie and Noah LaLonde as Cole in episode 109 of My Life with the Walter Boys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/© 2023 Netflix, Inc.
My Life with the Walter Boys. (L to R) Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie and Noah LaLonde as Cole in episode 109 of My Life with the Walter Boys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/© 2023 Netflix, Inc. /

My Life With the Walter Boys season 1 is now streaming on Netflix, which means everyone should be watching it. Truthfully, it’s one of the best new Netflix releases this December!

It’s a show based on Ali Novak’s 2014 hit Wattpad novel of the same name. The first season centers around the life of the recently orphaned Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez). Jackie is a 15-year-old girl who sadly loses her entire family in a tragic car accident. Since her only living relative is too busy with work, he is unable to take over parenting duties. So, Jackie’s only other option is to go stay with her late mother’s college best friend, Katherine Walter, and her family in rural Colorado.

Jackie thought she’d be able to stay under the radar and put all her attention on being the best she could be academically when she arrived in her new home of Silver Falls, Colorado. But once two of the Walter kids, Alex and Cole (Ashby Gentry and Noah LaLonde), begin to show romantic interest in her, Jackie eventually finds herself involved in a complicated love triangle.

So much happened over the course of the first season, but nothing topped the My Life With the Walter Boys season 1 finale, which saw the tension between Jackie and Cole reach an all-time high. What happened between the two? What about Alex and the rest of the characters? Here’s a breakdown of what happened at the end of season 1.

MAJOR spoilers ahead from My Life With the Walter Boys season 1!

Nikki Rodriguez - My Life With the Walter Boys season 2
My Life with the Walter Boys. Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie in episode 109 of My Life with the Walter Boys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/© 2023 Netflix, Inc. /

Do Jackie and Cole end up together in My Life With the Walter Boys season 1?

I hate to break it to you if you were patiently waiting for Jackie and Cole to get together in the first season because they don’t. However, they do kiss, and we’re talking about a steamy makeout session. This all happens in the season 1 finale.

After all the longing looks and intense arguments, Jackie and Cole finally give in to their desires in one of the last scenes of the season. It happens right after Will and Hayley’s wedding.

Jackie goes to Danny and Cole’s room to check on Danny and finds her old teapot with a note attached. It’s the same teapot that Parker accidentally broke earlier in the season. If you recall, Cole ended up fixing it. After Jackie reads the note, she realizes Cole is the one who fixed the teapot. She then heads to the shed to confront Cole, but their discussion gets so heated and intense, and it ends with them passionately kissing. But the next morning, Jackie is gone.

What happens between Jackie and Alex in the season 1 finale?

Technically, Jackie and Alex end the season still together, but things aren’t looking too good for their relationship. During Will and Hayley’s wedding reception, Alex confesses his love to Jackie, but she doesn’t say it back.

Although we don’t know the exact reason why Jackie doesn’t say it back, it most likely has something to do with the fact that she also has feelings for Cole. Or, maybe it’s just too early in their relationship, and she doesn’t feel that way just yet. But her not saying it back leads to Alex getting extremely drunk.

Alex wakes up the next morning to look for Jackie but can’t find her. Instead, he finds a note lying on her bed. The note reads, “I’m sorry.” He also sees the fixed teapot sitting on her desk. He then concludes that Cole has something to do with Jackie’s disappearance, so he confronts him. But all  Cole does is look at him with a nervous look on his face. We find out in the next scene that Jackie has left Silver Falls to go stay with her uncle in New York for the summer.

Here are some more things that happened in the first season that you should know:

  • Nathan and Skylar get together.
  • Nathan has epilepsy.
  • Danny and Erin might have romantic feelings for each other after they spent time together in theatre class.
  • Will and Hayley get married.
  • Nikhil decides not to take the new job in London and instead stays in Silver Falls with Tara.
  • Cole decides to focus on his studies and attend summer school.
  • Cole and Erin break things off for good.
  • Alex and Kiley almost kiss.
  • One of the main reasons why Alex and Cole have a love-hate relationship is because of Paige. Alex and Paige used to date, but then one summer, Paige made out with Cole. Alex thought Cole came on to Paige and so he blamed him as well as Paige. But we find out later in the season that Cole had no idea that Alex and Paige were even dating. It was all a big misunderstanding. However, Paige was definitely in the wrong.
  • Will hopes to get financial backing from Richard for a new business venture.
  • Since Katherine and George are having financial troubles, they contemplate selling the ranch.
  • Tara and Richard get close at Will and Hayley’s wedding.
  • Hayley receives a mysterious text message from somebody named Morgan and lies to Will about who texted her. Who is Morgan?
  • Danny gets accepted into Julliard and stays with Richard over the summer.
  • Alex gets recruited into a horsemanship summer training camp.
  • Olivia apologizes to Erin for sleeping with Cole, and they make up.

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