46 best Netflix shows to watch (and 13 shows you should skip)

Here's the Netflix shows we think are worth watching and the few that are better off skipped.
Theo James as Eddie Horniman in The Gentlemen
Theo James as Eddie Horniman in The Gentlemen /
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Sky Katz and Kai Lewins - Surviving Summer season 2
Surviving Summer S2. (L to R) Sky Katz as Summer Torres, Kai Lewins as Ari Gibson in Surviving Summer S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Surviving Summer

Seasons: 2

Created By: Joanna Werner and Josh Mapleston

Starring: Sky Katz, Kai Lewins, Lilliana Bowrey, Joao Gabriel Marinho, Savannah La Rain

If you’re a fan of Outer Banks and want to watch something similar but a little lighter, the Netflix original series Surviving Summer could be right up your alley.

The teen drama series stars Raven’s Home alum Sky Katz as troubled teen Summer Torres. When she’s kicked out of her school in Brooklyn, she moves to a town called Shorehaven in Australia to stay with friends of her mother. In her new surroundings, she befriends a group of surfers and stirs up some more trouble with her new friends.

While the series isn’t completely like Outer Banks (there isn’t any treasure hunting), it has the same kind of beachy feel. Another difference between the two series, Surviving Summer is family-friendly with its TV-PG rating. It’s the right alternative for those looking for something teen-oriented but not as profane as some other popular titles.

Of course, that could also be a downfall for some fans. The eight-episode second season of Surviving Summer arrived in September 2023 and soared right into the top 10. Fans of the series can’t get enough of Summer and Ari and all of their friends. But if you’re not interested in family-friendly teen shows on Netflix, you can skip this show for now.

Verdict: SKIP