57 best Netflix movies to watch (and 24 to skip)

Here's the Netflix movies most worth watching and a few you can skip!
Damsel. Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie. Cr. John Wilson / Netflix © 2023
Damsel. Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie. Cr. John Wilson / Netflix © 2023 /
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Best Netflix movies
Outlaw King — Credit: Netflix /

Outlaw King

Release Year: 2018

Directed By: David Mackenzie

Starring: Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Sam Spruell, Tony Curran, Callan Mulvey, James Cosmo, Stephen Dillane

It’s no secret that historical action-drama epics aren’t for everybody. A lot of us are more than willing to spend a full day watching the latest installment in the popular teen romance trilogy of the moment. But who doesn’t want to take an adventure back to the 14th century with Chris Pine? Well, some people, I guess.

Chris Pine stars in Outlaw King as the 14th-century Scottish King named Robert the Bruce, who finds himself exiled by the English and decides to form a rebellion against Edward I to reclaim his throne as king. Robert the Bruce becomes something of an outlaw (hence the title of the film) leading up to the Battle of Loudoun Hill in 1307.

While not entirely accurate from a historical perspective, Outlaw King grabbed a significant amount of headlines for a certain scene featured in the film, but as a whole, the historical drama garnered mixed reception from critics. These kinds of movies are often a tough sell, but with a cast that includes fan-favorites Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Florence Pugh, Outlaw King’s an easier sell than you think. This movie isn’t bad, but it’s not a must-watch. — Reed Gaudens

Verdict: SKIP