57 best Netflix movies to watch (and 24 to skip)

Here's the Netflix movies most worth watching and a few you can skip!
Damsel. Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie. Cr. John Wilson / Netflix © 2023
Damsel. Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie. Cr. John Wilson / Netflix © 2023 /
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Love Hard - Best Netflix movies
Love Hard. (L to R) Nina Dobrev as Natalie Bauer in Love Hard, and Jimmy O. Yang as Josh Lin. Cr. Bettina Strauss/Netflix © 2021 /

Love Hard

Release Year: 2021 

Directed by Hernán Jiménez

Starring Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, Darren Barnet, James Saito, Mikaela Hoover, Harry Shum Jr., Heather McMahan, Rebecca Staab, and Althea Kaye 

If you’re looking for a great Christmas movie to watch on Netflix, Love Hard is the one for you!

There’s big Netflix synergy in this movie. Nina Dobrev starred in The Vampire Diaries, which is not a Netflix original series but one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now. Jimmy O. Yang stars in and also writes for Space Force, which was a hit comedy that premiered on Netflix in 2020. And, Darren Barnet stars in Never Have I Ever on Netflix.

In this movie, Dobrev plays Natalie, who has been striking out when it comes to love lately. She meets Josh on a dating app, and they start to fall in love. But they live across the country, so Natalie decides to surprise Josh for Christmas. When she arrives, she realizes he’s not the same person she thought she was dating. She’s been catfished. That’s just where this story gets good!

There’s a lot of potential for Love Hard 2 on Netflix. We’ll have to wait and see, but it looks like it could happen.

We all know how much Netflix loves making sequels of its popular Christmas movies, right? If Yang, Barnet, and Dobrev are down, they can definitely make it happen!

Love Hard is the best Christmas movie of 2021.

Verdict: WATCH