The best new Netflix show from every year since 2013

Squid Games: The Challenge. Episode 101 of Squid Games: The Challenge. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Squid Games: The Challenge. Episode 101 of Squid Games: The Challenge. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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Master of None season 4
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Master of None (2015)

Master of None was a show that set the standard for TV shows that feel like drinking a nice mug of hot cocoa on a winter day. At last, we had a show that was well-written but didn’t leave us feeling traumatized after every episode. Instead, we left feeling nourished by a wholesome slice-of-life story.

Another thing we loved about this 2015 series is that, like Orange is the New Black, it looked beyond the story of the protagonist and delved into the other characters’ stories, too.

One of our most fond moments of this show was the Thanksgiving episode showcasing Denise’s (Lena Waithe) family, especially since it reminded viewers a lot of what we sometimes experience with our own family during the holidays. Viewers felt seen when they saw how much Denise struggled with having that tough conversation with her mom about her sexuality. And all any Netflix viewer wants to do is feel like they can see themselves in any show!

While the Thanksgiving episode was, arguably, a moment that truly cemented this series as one of the best of this recent decade, there are many moments like this one, which is why we truly enjoyed Master of None from start to finish.

Honorable Mention: Grace and Frankie

Stranger Things (2016)

If you were to ask anyone what Netflix show changed the game for streaming site, without hesitation, they would say Stranger ThingsWhy? Because of the way the show managed to take us back to a time where we were filled with childlike wonder about the world and its vastness. This show awoken our need for adventure. So much so that some of us wanted to get on our bikes and ride around our towns in search for a mythical creature or another dimension begging to be explored.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things /

Even with the show nearing its eventual end, we are still left forever transformed by the way Stranger Things practically encouraged nerds to be loud and proud about their interests, especially since the main characters having a profound interest in Dungeons and Dragons helped them navigate and make sense the scariness of the monsters they encountered. What’s more, this show also helped us to root for the underdog, as the most silent of them are usually the ones who know a thing or two about how to save the day.

Will there ever be another show like Stranger Things? Only time will tell. For now, what an honor it was to have witnessed a show this unique in our lifetimes.

Honorable MentionsThe Crown and The Get Down

Money Heist (2017)

Some would call Money Heist a retelling of Robin Hood. Others would call the 2017 Netflix original a classic heist title full of all the action we want. As for us, we call this show both here things, as well as a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

Spanish Netflix shows -Money Heist season 5 release date - Money Heist season 5 part 2
Money Heist – Credit: Netflix /

The high of this show definitely had to be the amount of times this group of misfits managed to get away with pulling off one of the most nerve-wracking, chaotic heists of all time. Even when things looked grim, somehow, the Professor, the mastermind behind it all, knew exactly how to lead his colleagues out of the darkness and bring them back home. On the other hand, the low of this show is, without a doubt, the sadness we felt when all of the characters didn’t make it out alive.

We’ve bid a farewell to so many characters in this show, including the narrator who we could’ve sworn was safe from death since she seemingly lived through it all. Sure, death was inevitable in these heists, as they were all committing massive crimes against humanity. But with how much we loved these well-written characters, we wished there was some sort of plot armor for all of them.

Truly, Money Heist is one of the best character-driven shows Netflix has.

Honorable Mentions: Atypical, Castlevania, and Dear White People