The best new Netflix show from every year since 2013

Squid Games: The Challenge. Episode 101 of Squid Games: The Challenge. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Squid Games: The Challenge. Episode 101 of Squid Games: The Challenge. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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Netflix has come such a long way from when it first became a streaming service that everyone knows and loves. The site started out as a place where some would go to catch the very few original series that released on the platform. However, after TV show lovers began to realize how excellent Netflix’s shows are, the site quickly began to release more and more originals every year, each better than the last.

With how fast the years come and go, it’s easy to forget that many TV shows we’ve been blessed to witness in our lifetimes. This is why we think it’s the perfect time to look back over the past ten years of Netflix, highlighting the best Netflix original that released each year.

The best Netflix show every year

Although Netflix was founded in August 1998 (and became a streaming service in January 2007), it wasn’t until 2013 that Netflix became the powerhouse that we know it as today. Of course, we have one amazing show each year to thank for Netflix’s consistent rise to fame.

Without further ado, let’s travel back in time to name the best Netflix original TV show from each year!

Orange is the New Black (2013)

The beauty of Orange is the New Black is that it’s a show that ages insanely well, no matter how much time passes. The comedy of the show, the diverse cast that have all gone on to become superstars in their own way, and the way the show pushed the envelope are all things we have come to love immensely about the show. However, none of these compare to the story behind this amazing Netflix original series.

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Orange Is the New Black – Credit: Netflix /

Although the main story centers around Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and her unbreakable bond with Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) that landed them both in jail, the 2013 series explored many other characters’ stories, which only added to the beauty of its storytelling.

Between watching someone with cancer live courageously to witnessing a gentle hearted woman get her life taken away from her after a horrific accident, our lives were forever changed by the stories the creators took the time to shape. So much so that it would be beside us to not rewatch this series once a year.

Honorable Mention: House of Cards

Bojack Horseman (2014)

Whenever we want to process our complex human emotions, we immediately turn to Bojack Horseman, as this animated series knows exactly how to talk about mature topics in a way that is both informative and very entertaining. Granted, there is something mildly unnerving about our protagonist being an alcoholic, drug-abusing horse. But the series is so good, we can look past this and focus on the juicy meat at the center of it all.

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BoJack Horseman season 6 – Credit: Netflix /

Bojack’s life may seem impossible to have at first. Yet, when you finally learn about why he acts the way he does and how he ended up here, you start to see that you have a lot more in common with this flawed protagonist than you initially thought. There aren’t a lot of shows that force us to look introspectively in a constructive and healthy manner. There are even fewer shows that know how to navigate such sensitive subjects in a safe way that doesn’t necessarily put too much blame on Bojack’s behavior but also doesn’t excuse it either. Remember, a show talking about mental health so well was unheard of!

Soon after the show ended in 2020, there were many TV shows that tried to emulate the same affect Bojack Horseman had on us. Yet, there are none that can outdo the original.

Honorable Mention: Peaky Blinders