All 14 major Gilmore Girls characters ranked from worst to best

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7. Paris Geller

Everybody needs a friend that challenges you and keeps you on your toes. For Rory, that friend is none other than Paris Geller. In the beginning of the series, Rory and Paris start out as rivals, but little by little, the lines between enemies and friends start to blur. They live together in college and remain complicated best friends into adulthood, and it’s one of the best relationships on the show. I’ve never met a character as dynamic and energetic as Paris Geller. She’s seriously the secret weapon of Gilmore Girls, a character that’s often imitated but never replicated.

6. Sookie St. James

When it comes to ride-or-ride best friends, no one takes that quite as literally as Sookie. Lorelai’s bestie and business partner began the series as an accident-prone tornado, whirling around the inn’s kitchen perfecting her meals and nearly causing fires. As the series went on, Melissa McCarthy kept Sookie’s fiery personality and sense of humor on the same level. Sookie had her own storylines, but she always had Lorelai’s back… even when they didn’t see eye to eye. Who doesn’t adore Sookie? We should all be so lucky to have a Sookie by our side.

5. Luke Danes

I’ve never heard anyone say that they hate Luke. I’m sure those people exist, but I simply don’t know them. He’s the town grump with a heart of gold. For Lorelai and Rory, he’s big ol’ softy, but with everyone else, he’s gruff and doesn’t have patience. He’s a little rough around the edges and can be unlikable at times (facts are facts, people), but those bristled parts of his personality are what make the character three-dimensional and exciting to watch as we peel back the layers of Luke Danes. He can be a grouch, but he’s also sweet and jaded and all the things that make us human.

4. Lane Kim

If there’s a Gilmore Girls character who should have been given more of the spotlight, it’s Lane. Keiko Agena played Rory’s best friend throughout the entire series. Post-high school, Lane had her own storylines revolving around her tense relationship with her strict Christian mother, her desire to become a drummer, and her eventual marriage and family with Zack. Fans have long been disappointed by Lane’s trajectory and treatment, but that doesn’t change her standing as one of the show’s strongest and most relatable characters. We all know a Lane or are a Lane.