The Crown season 6 part 2 is right around the corner: Everything you need to know

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The Crown is one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and we’re still not ready for the show to come to an end. But alas, there are only a few more episodes left before the show signs off the air for good.

Season 6 marks the last of the series. There was some back and forth on that decision; while the series was originally planned for six installments, there was a time when creator Peter Morgan thought it should end with the fifth season. Later, Netflix announced the show would continue, which fans were, of course, happy about.

If you’re keeping up with the historical drama, you’ll know the first four episodes of season 6 are now streaming on Netflix, as of Thursday, Nov. 16. But don’t worry! That’s not all we’re getting from the final season. Fortunately, there’s a second part on the way. Fans can expect The Crown season 6 part 2 to premiere on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2023. Those final episodes will conclude the award-winning series.

The Crown season 6
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The Crown season 6 part 2 episode count and what to expect

The Crown season 6 was split almost right down the middle for two releases. Part 1 consists of four episodes, while part 2 consists of six. That means the full season is 10 episodes total, which is in line with previous seasons. This is the first time Netflix is breaking up a season of The Crown, but it seems the split has been dictated by the storylines the season is going to be telling.

Viewers can expect season 6 part 2 to release on Thursday, Dec. 14 at 12:00 am PT / 3:00 am ET.

The first four episodes of the season center around Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s blossoming relationship before the couple’s tragic passing:

"The first four episodes (Part 1) depict a relationship blossoming between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed before a fateful car journey has devastating consequences."

Now that part 1 is out, we know that Diana’s untimely passing comes in the third episode, with the fourth covering the start of the aftermath.

As for part 2, the final six episodes will then further explore the fallout that comes after Diana’s death with a focus on Prince William and his fairytale romance with Kate Middleton. We’ll also get to see the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the marriage of Charles and Camilla:

"The final chapter (Part 2) is told across six episodes. Prince William tries to integrate back into life at Eton in the wake of his mother’s death as the monarchy has to ride the wave of public opinion. As she reaches her Golden Jubilee, the Queen reflects on the future of the monarchy with the marriage of Charles and Camilla and the beginnings of a new Royal fairytale in William and Kate."

There was a major cast change for The Crown season 5, but most of the cast is sticking around for season 6. Netflix has also confirmed a number of new cast members playing royals and other historical figures.

We shared the confirmed cast of The Crown season 6 below:

  • Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II
  • Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret
  • Dominic West as Prince Charles
  • Meg Bellamy as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana
  • Khalid Abdalla as Dobi Fayed
  • Salim Daw as Mohamed Al-Fayed
  • Bertie Carvel as Tony Blair
  • Lydia Leonard as Cherie Blair
  • Olivia Williams as Camila Parker Bowles
  • Rufus Kampa as Prince William
  • Fflyn Edwards as Prince Harry
  • Ed McVey as Prince William
  • Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton
  • Luther Ford as Prince Harry
The Crown season 6
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Leading up to the season’s release, it had been speculated that the final season would cover the late 90s and early 2000s. This has since been confirmed by Netflix which reveals that the final season covers events from 1997 through 2005.

While speaking with Deadline, Executive Producer Suzanne Mackie touched on how they would be handling the depiction of Princess Diana’s death in season 6. Saying they filmed it with “enormous sensitivity,” she explained:

"“The show might be big and noisy, but we’re not. We’re thoughtful people and we’re sensitive people. There were very careful, long conversations about how we were going to do it. The audience will judge it in the end, but I think it’s been delicately, thoughtfully recreated. Elizabeth Debicki is an extraordinary actress and she was so thoughtful and considerate. She loved Diana. There’s a huge amount of respect from us all, I hope that’s evident.”"

While Prince William and Kate’s story is incorporated into season 6, it seems the show is only focusing on the very early days of their relationship. The pair met in 2001 at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, but they did not get engaged until 2010. With Netflix confirming the show’s final season will only cover events through 2005, we shouldn’t expect to see William and Kate’s relationship play out beyond their early years of dating meaning we will not see their engagement or wedding within the show.

Unfortunately, that also means fans will not get to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship depicted in The Crown season 6.

“Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey, and I don’t know what their journey is or how it will end. One wishes some happiness, but I’m much more comfortable writing about things that happened at least 20 years ago,” Morgan told The Hollywood Reporter.

At this time, we don’t have a trailer for part 2 yet, but you can watch the preview for part 1 here:

Why The Crown is ending with season 6

The Crown season 7 is not happening, as of now. Peter Morgan and Netflix announced the series will end after season 6. They originally planned six seasons, and then, they changed it to five seasons, but then, they went back to six seasons.

As for the reason that the show is ending now, Morgan revealed to The Hollywood Reporter in 2020 that he doesn’t like to get too close to depicting historical events without waiting a few decades to look back:

"“I sort of have in my head a 20-year rule. That is enough time and enough distance to really understand something, to understand its role, to understand its position, to understand its relevance. Often things that appear absolutely wildly important today are instantly forgotten, and other things have a habit of sticking around and proving to be historically very relevant and long-lasting.”"

The Crown is on our list of the best Netflix shows to watch right now, and we’re sad to see it come to an end! But of course, we still have six more episodes on the way before the series concludes. Don’t miss part 2 when it releases on Dec. 14.

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