The Circle is coming back for season 6 AND season 7: Here’s what we know so far

The Circle Season 4. (L to R) Mel B, Emma Bunton in The Circle Season 4. Cr. Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022.
The Circle Season 4. (L to R) Mel B, Emma Bunton in The Circle Season 4. Cr. Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022. /

Good news for fans of the reality competition series The Circle, Netflix has just confirmed that the show will be returning for a sixth AND seventh season! Apparently, the two seasons have already been filmed as well, so there is a good chance we’ll see both new seasons in 2024.

This year has been surprisingly sparse as far as The Circle goes, with the fifth season starting in December 2022 and wrapping up in January 2023. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the show, so it’s exciting to learn that it is still happening.

For those in need of a refresher, The Circle is one of Netflix’s few non-dating reality shows that focuses more on social engagement in an online space. A group of players stay in an apartment, cordoned off one another, and they must try to become the ultimate influencer by befriending each other, flirting, and even catfishing.

Contestants can enter the game as themselves, or make up a brand new persona. There’s a lot of strategizing and mischief afoot. People are slowly eliminated until one winner remains.

The Circle season 6 will premiere in spring 2024

Netflix hasn’t provided us with an official release date for The Circle season 6 yet, but we do know that the sixth season is slated for a spring premiere. Previous seasons have aired in April and May, so there is a good chance The Circle season 6 will have a similar timeframe.

It’s harder to say when season 7 will debut, but apparently it has already been filmed. I could see Netflix releasing the seventh season in fall 2024.

The Circle season 6 and season 7 filmed in Atlanta, Georgia

Here’s something interesting. Production company Studio Lambert has moved production for season 6 and season 7 to the states. Previous seasons of The Circle were all filmed in England, usually in Manchester, but the next two seasons were filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. It should be an interesting change of pace for the show.

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